On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

My body has freckles. What's your excuse? I don't want to hear your "but my concentration of photoprotective melanin is too high!" Bullshit. There is no excuse.

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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

50% wearing fuschia lipstick to work (head bitch in charge)
50% augmenting my normal breakfast with some overly expensive potato chips from Whole Foods

Treat yo'self indeed.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@hurts I mean, I get what she's arguing (though I personally find the style in which it's written difficult to read -- not because the content is hugely complex, per se, but because it reads as stilted to my ears.) I agree that any discussion of privilege can be hard to swallow, but I've read much more compelling/progressive/well-articulated analyses of "beauty privilege" (scare quotes because I don't quite know the right term) elsewhere. Autumn at The Beheld comes to mind, as do some older posts on Shapely Prose that tie in thin privilege as well.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@frumious bandersnatch So well-stated! I agree with everything you wrote.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@Urwelt Heh. I usually don't get too bothered by opinion pieces on the Interwebs, but this is just. . .it's so smug! And wrong! Man that combination slays me. There are shreds of an interesting argument in there pertaining to the forgiveness our media bestows *far* more willingly to white women than to women of color. There is also potential for a deconstruction of the gross, voyeuristic pleasure we as a culture glean from watching those same white woman beg for said forgiveness (after fucking up to the most public degree possible, of course!) But then, apart from the fact that those threads of an argument are not argued clearly, they're further mangled by arguments that it's an indulgent waste of time to care about street harassment (and yeah, the implication that this is a white lady problem in effect erases the street harassment experiences of women of color! UUUUUGHHHH).

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

I agree with others' comments. This in particular was baffling to me:

". . while remaining wholly oblivious to those who by birth or fortune have fewer choices than we do, or different choices, and in consequence we have a credenda that permits full-fledged social media campaigns to be waged against… catcalling, and 22-year-old Bard College graduates named Samantha to sue for stop-and-frisk, and Bushwick artists to reframe unsolicited dick pics as 'assault,'. . "

In what way is it a poor use of feminists' time to combat microaggressions like catcalling and unsolicited sexual advances? They shore up and support the sexist society we live and breathe in. How is it a failure borne of privilege to find those things important and to fight against them? I'm an adult and I'm capable of holding multiple complex thoughts at once, and of championing diverse causes. Why can't feminists work both to deconstruct the enormous institutional barriers that women of color, and lesbian and trans women, and immigrant women, etc. face while simultaneously acknowledging the microaggressions caused by lower-stakes propositions like the ludicrously white-washed Girls? These microaggressions don't arise fully formed from the ether; they're born of the culture we interact with every day.

I agree wholeheartedly with the message of #solidarityisforwhitewomen, but this seems like a bungling of its premise.

(Also, count me in as a young urban woman who can count with, like, three fingers the number of people she knows who have done coke 10-15 times.)

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On You Are No Longer a Father to Me

This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it.

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On The Friday Night Pie

I'm 105% on board with this.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

I get Rose McGowan like it's my job. Or rather, I get "that girl from that witch show but like, before all the plastic surgery". I'll take it.

I'm 24 and if someone told me I looked like Connie Britton, I'd propose to them. What a babe.

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

You're an odd duck, Jim Behrle. Thanks for the laugh on this anxious day!

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