On Amusingly Horrible Things Strangers Have Said

@mouthalmighty Oh dear god. That's f****ed up

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On Finance 101: Debit Cards, Weddings, and Peaceful New Careers

It IS going to pay someone's bills for several months. The dressmaker's.

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On Beauty Q&A: Chemical Peels, Jumpsuits, and WLHWT?

@elizabeast: Doesn't the Argan oil weigh your hair down?
P.S. Fine-haired solidarity!

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On Save the Date, Austin: October 22

Waah! I want another DC pinup. I couldn't make it to the last one, and I almost cried. Seriously. I went around making moony sad-faces all day.

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On What the People I Went to College With Are Up To, According to the Alumni Magazine

Where I went to school, that's so common that its basically remarkable if you don't marry an Obie.

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On The Best Time I Found Out I Had HPV

It's ok. There are a lot of medical terms that mean more than one thing. When I got shingles in college, the doctor/nurse/whatever at the student health center told me I had herpes zoster, without explaining that it wasn't what most people think of as herpes. So I went home thinking "AAAGH! HERPES!!" until the internet fixed it.

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

@captain mal
Oh, I'm totally homeschooling my future nerdlings. Honestly, with my genetic material, doing otherwise would be awfully close to child abuse. Predisposition to mental illness? Check. Undiagnosed physical disorder that makes exercise painful? Check. Big enough bones that kids will call you fat even if you do miraculously manage to overcome your genes and maintain a "normal" weight? Check. There isn't enough money in the world to get me to send my kids to school before they are 14-15.

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

This. Why are so many people who know what it is to be victimized by their peers somehow think fat people magically don't count?

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

Two mean boys at the local swimming pool, Scott and Brian, used my head as push-off point when diving once. Thank god I was a strong swimmer. The lifeguard did jack. Those guys, oddly enough, grew up to be pretty normal and completely civil to me, though obviously we don't hang out. I don't even know if they remember this incident. It was always guys who did the physical stuff (throwing things, etc.), but somehow the social isolation the girls inflicted was much worse.

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

I have no experience being on the receiving end of racism, so take my opinion for what it is, but if it was half as bad as it sounds it was REALLY bad. Having stuff thrown at you (something I know more about) doesn't always hurt more than name calling, especially when that name-calling adds the weight of structural oppression.

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