On The Disgustingly Good Black Bean Brownies

@missedconnections Hooray! I am so glad you liked them. But wait, what went wrong with the zucchini ones? Lmk! Those are maybe my favorite (among other favorites).

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On The Disgustingly Good Black Bean Brownies

@zeytin Couch brownies are the best brownies!

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On The All-Healing Chickpea-Chorizo Frittata

@boysplz Yes, smoky paprika-y Spanish chorizo -- thank you for asking. Though this is a very friendly recipe, I'm sure it'd be good with whatever you/anyone else prefers!

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On Grandma Witch Brownies: Zucchini, Almond Butter, and Dark Chocolate Chips

@Astronautica I just saw your comment (ok, like a half year later, but... better late than never?) and YESSSS you can totally do banana-pumpkin-chickpea bread! If you're still interested! ;) I usually do it as muffins, but the proportions are the same. This morn I made pumpkin-cardamom chickpea muffins! And the other day I made chocolate-beet ones, and before that, sour cream blueberry. I'll absolutely write up & share my basic chickpea muffin recipe asap for you. But, I will say that I ALWAYS use half chickpeas (canned or soaked/cooked), one quarter almond meal, and one quarter whole wheat (or brown rice or oat) flour. Hopefully that still appeals? More tk!

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On Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

@lucy snowe Truly. I mean, I got my wedding dress at Loehmann's. Can I just say that again? MY WEDDING DRESS. $80, Calvin Klein, gorgeous. I will always remember standing in that glowy gown in the big, open Loehmann's dressing room in midtown Manhattan, surrounded by ladies in various states of undress. Oh, Loehmann's. You will be missed.

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On Pineapple-Coconut-Quinoa Chickpea Muffins

@cmeggles & yes, try the cookies! TRY THE COOKIES. Also, another Dryunuary idea for you: Sometimes I take that cookie recipe and turn it into *waffles*. Yes, it can be done.

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On Pineapple-Coconut-Quinoa Chickpea Muffins

@iximox @cmeggles - Yay, I hope you enjoy these! I'm eating one right now and it tastes like a not-cloying-sweet pineapple-coconut cake. Anyhow, YES, I definitely think light brown sugar (or any old sugar) would be great. I just haven't tried it that way because for some reason I only have weird sugar in my house right now.

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On Happy Yogurt Ghost Holidays

@stonefruit Happy holidays to yooooou! xx

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On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

@lucy snowe Lol -- YES! Your comment just made me miss The Hairpin, in a good way. Thank you. xx

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On Pumpkin-Chickpea-Almond-Butter Bars

@hotdog I've emailed Emma about it again!! Hopefully it'll be edited soon? ARGH. Sorry.

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