On Person-Looking Cat Could Be Yours!

Um, what is with the terrorist rollover text??? I'm scared Jane Marie.

Harriet is very pretty.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Cary Grant's Intimate Bromance

(and I want a catbugler)

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On What Dogs Want

Needs more corgis!

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On How to Deliver a Baby Without Pain Meds If You're Not a Spiritual Person But Are Really Geeky

You are awesome! And inspiring. Congrats!!

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On Yearbook Poetry

Most Artistic. It was true. Also a fluke because I wasn't popular so I was also the Most Defaced Yearbook Page.

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On Polyamory, Hair-Pulling, and Responding to Compliments

Dear A Cou g ara dot ( 0 M,

Boys think I'm pretty! I couldn't think of a way to phrase that in the form of a question.
But also? My boyfriend is a juicebox but I'm afraid of being alone. Do you think I could become a cougar? (you should know I am a 7)
Also, once I become a cougar may I feel justified in comparing any perceived criticisms of my lifestyle to the ongoing persecution of the gays?
Ok, slap me! No, harder. HARDER!

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On So Long, Farewell


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On Virginia Heffernan, You Have Misled Me.


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On "If you're better with your money, I'll stop making you watch Jersey Shore with me."

Well she sounds like no fun at all.

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On So You Think You're Obsessed With So You Think You Can Dance?

OK so last night's finale was just BAD. It would have been hard to surpass last week but c'mon. I'm blaming Katie Holmes, she is made of Xanax.

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