On Adventures in the Clearance Section

@shantasybaby Crispy Potato Soft Tacos!! Fiesta potatoes, lettuce, cheese, and baja sauce.

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On Why There's Still No Birth Control Pill for Men

Why isn't big pharma jumping on this, since there is obviously money to be made? Let's hear Rush complain about all those slutty men who can't afford their birth control.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@Annie.Bart Oops! Guess Orphan Train was only 1 book and there were only 3 siblings. It seemed a lot bigger back then.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

Does anyone else remember The Orphan Train series? I think there were 5 or so kids whose parents gave them up for adoption, they were adopted by separate families, and each book was about a different kid? Yay, historical fiction! Also, The Princess in the Pigsty! Sort of historical fiction, but with time travel.
Joan Lowery Nixon, BSC Little Sister series, Dear America, Goosebumps (I'll admit it, if no one else will), and all those RL Stein books with more memorable covers than storylines, Anne of the Island was my favorite of that series, all of the horse books, and so many long forgotten. My parents banned me from scary books for a while, so I kind of stopped reading out of protest.

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On Carrie Got a Bad Rap: Beloved Literary Kids with Deadbeat or Absent Dads

No comments on Golden Compass yet? I was totally going to name my daughter Lyra, but my husband didn't like it. Maybe I should have made him read the books. She's so loveably precocious and badass, and her parents are the WORST.

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On The Spinach-Dill-Walnut-Onion Frittata

I have all this stuff! It must be fate.

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On Someone Please Tell Me What to Do With This Rutabaga

Have you tried Gardein as a protein thing? They make crispy chick'n, chick'n filets, and beef tips and it's all vegan, yummy, and the ingredients are surprisingly not sketchy. The beef is perfect for Shish kebabs.

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On Shades of Other Things

@teaandcakeordeath. I went to a prep school called Shady Side Academy. And it has a summer camp (went and worked there). The girls' dorm is called Morewood, which is a whole separate issue. It's in Pittsburgh. No assassins to my knowledge, mostly doctors and future doctors.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

Can I be really nitpicky and obnoxious? Her mother was a suffragist. Suffragettes were British, suffragists were American.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

This is an untested theory that sounds rather demeaning, but wouldn't doggie pee pads work well? They're just like pads, only bigger. Then you wouldn't have to worry about clean-up. Just throw them away.

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