On "Exaugural" Gowns, For Some

It's like being on the cover of Madden.

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On How Do We Even Know That Children Are Real?

@mlle.gateau They wouldn't have to go to very great lengths, just copy the made-up references and add additional made-up page references. I've seen lots of students do this.

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On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics

LW1: I'm a lot like you in terms of taking criticism. What I've decided to do is to let myself off the hook for feeling defensive. I have rituals that I use, for example, when I get feedback on articles sent off for peer review (it's amazing how nasty some of it sounds even when the overall judgment is positive). I let myself feel the anger and the sadness, and then I set out to use the feedback. It is OK to feel upset, as long as you don't let the feelings control you.

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On An Interview With Jessica Valenti

I don't really understand how you can talk about anti-vaxxers without talking about ableism, given how much of that movement is driven by fear of and hatred for autism and autistics.

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On Mount Defiance at Starvation Ridge

Sure hope your 911 calls didn't increase response time for anyone with a life-threatening emergency. Cute story, I guess.

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On The Many Qualities of the New Robot Tentacle

Robot tentacle is loving enough to make you forget all about him.

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On "Hey 13B, what're u doin 4 the next 6 hours?"

@questingbeast Exactly! I was thinking, "If a stranger texted me, I'd freak out. I've seen Red Eye!"

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On Don't Forget to Not Go in the Swimming Pool

When I was a lifeguard, we used to refer to poo in the pool as brown trout and vomit as brown algae. For all your sakes, I won't rehash the worst AFR incident other than to say that I couldn't stomach corn for several years after.

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On Things We Know for Sure About Marilyn Monroe

She only married Samuel Beckett because she couldn't marry James Joyce. Also, she was super jealous of Lucia Joyce. Very disturbing.

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On "Try reading 25 pages a day, out loud, in your best bad Irish accent."

@iknowright Your Finnegans Wake group got through ten pages in two hours? I'm impressed. Mine was lucky to get through half that. Of course, we were doing Night Lessons . . .

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