On “Marriage can contain everything. Marriage can contain everything.”

Oh I dunno. Dumplings are very tasty, and provided you eat at least 20 of them, quite filling. Especially if they come in lots of different flavours. Yum. (Now I'm hungry...)

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On Don't Do This, No. 1: Popping the Popped Question

In some Asian cultures it is expected that you give a cash gift at a wedding. I've been to weddings where the only people who show up at the reception with a gift wrapped toaster are the Westerners who just couldn't get their heads around the fact that other cultures have traditions and etiquette different from theirs.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Bras, Sex Toys, DivaCups, and Leg Waxidents

At my house we stick autoclave the cups in a pressure cooker every few months or so. Mainly just because we can.

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