On Let's Just All Talk About the Things That Bug Us About Harry Potter



maybe because of the infinite possibilities for hilarious, slightly ironic quips like, "Why is Hermione saddled with Unattractive Pissy Ron for life, instead of being a cool lesbian..." that mask some deeper, true life wisdom. (JUST LIKE THE BOOKS!!!)

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On Bad Friends, Poor Communication, and "Yeah, But You're Adorable-er"

"My only qualification for having this job is a Y chromosome, so you can’t expect too much."

Men should come with this stamped on their foreheads. It applies to pretty much everything.

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On Everybody Calm Down: Nobody Wants to Have Sex With Your Fiancé Anyway


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On The Best Time Someone Dumped Me to Be on Reality TV

thank you for teaching me the term amplexus!

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On The Art of the Neg

you chose this one over the tanning bed toilet notes?????

I am weeping with laughter.

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On Ask a Lady, Special Edition: The Repercussions of Sexual Abuse

just wondering if y'all would consider doing a "CUT FOR TRIGGERS" type warning/cut tag. it's a lonely night for some of us seeking distractions on the internets.

also, for some of us, daddy play isn't about re-enacting the abuse, as some have said above. personally, I think the Daddy thing, with a really loving (and relatively aware, participating, consenting) sex partner can be transformative and healing.

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On A Taxonomy of Black Hairstyles

@Deleted By User yes, a white girl with dreadlocks *is* actually the worst.

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On How to Shop at Discount Stores Without Looking Cheap

I'm fat (size 18) and I don't know how to, or if I should, wear a belt. Maybe we need an ask a fat fashionista column?

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On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

thank you.

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On The Evolution of a Shared Obsession: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

you mean the awl and its subsidiaries don't approve of the anthropological gaze that pins minority groups to an examining board to evaluate all their cultural, sexual and political activities for the amusement of the middle-class white intellectual?


@ to whomever gives a care:
the term g**sy is considered a racial slur by many Roma people. just, fyi.

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