On A Conversation With Peter Rejcek, Editor of 'The Antarctic Sun'

Ok, how far south do you have to go to see Aurora Australis? I was just in Ushuaia and Puerto Arenas and never saw it. Or was that because it's summer right now and not much night time?

When I was in Ushuaia, I saw a Jeep with NY plates! Turns out they got laid off, bought the Jeep and said let's go to Antarctica. So they drove.

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On Scrollus Interruptus

@karion Whoa, before we get into gender politics of trolldom, let me just add that all of The Awl network generally is troll free.

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On Or, It's Just the Fridge Magnets After All

@frigwiggin Legit! Obstinate O and Mister P are actually the only two I remember. I later remember thinking Obstinate is an odd word to be teaching to 5 yr olds.

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On The Sixteenth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

Oh hey, I'm going to see that tonight!

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On I'm a 41

@Bebe I have done this (but I'm a dude). It mostly happens on planes to destinations like Coachella where lots of like-minded people are stuffed together. Although I have also been invited to a random party in the Paris Metro once.

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On The Asparagus Witch

I don't even wanna think what the porta-loos at that festival will smell like.

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On Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

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On Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

An axe with "BLAM" engraved would be appropriate!

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On Reminder: Boston, NYC Meetups Tomorrow

So I haven't been commenting recently because well...I got married(!)... to a stripper(!) but I'll definitely be there tomorrow since normal is anything but right now. Plus you know, potential after party...

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On Earthquake OPEN THREAD

Half the McGraw Hill building looks like it's evacuated to the street/perfect excuse to have a smoke.

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