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@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
No, that's the weird part, that happened YEARS ago! (Actually maybe when I was 14?) Like 10ish years ago.

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On Friday Open Thread

@fruminous bandersnatch
You're right! And it wasn't curt really, just like, not much more to say! I guess I simply love to overanalyze everything.

Ugh yeah I think like 900% messed up. But I don't like to presume about other people's sexualities. But I mean you can in this instance because I asked.
Thank you, I love your children and think it's great that at least 3 people I know have a happy household and will be raised right.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
When I was 12, some lady called my parents' house in a tiny town that does not possess a streetlight, asking for specifically me, to review a pilot for a show. They sent me a VCR for Dads, I sent it back, she called again to get my opinion. I recognize the red-haired guy. So I haven't watched it or anything, but that's my tie in.

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On Friday Open Thread

Have you tried Skype-partying with your sisters? You could watch the same movie/show at the same time (and add a drinking game when appropriate)!

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On The Best Time I Got Catfished By a Dead Person

@Meandering Whale @twitter
(I uh used to catfish people when I was little.)
Holly is probably who the person wants to be, right? But someone that person isn't capable of being right now? So maybe the person using Holly's ID is not a woman/not as hot/older/disabled and being Holly lets them act out what it's like to be a girl like that.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter
Yeah, it's so important to focus on that part of the equation! I just can't stop thinking about why because I loved being around him because he was so many positive things, and now it seems like he's not, he's this person who was really hurtful. So I now understand why people say "I don't know who you are anymore" in cheesy movies, because I get that feeling.
I don't know why he did it so I don't know what type of person he is right now.
And I don't know if that's someone to go on picnics with anymore.

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On Friday Open Thread

I will use this 4 to 5ever.

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On Friday Open Thread

(Oh and just like assuming he has never been anything but gracious and humble and kind to everyone and didn't offer sex, just kissing?)

Omg, Oprah said that? I heard the advice and share it a lot, but I didn't know it's hers! She is so wise and all-powerful. And you're right. No matter the intention, the result is that he's a weirdo.

Hm, that is really interesting! Also, owch Dan Savage. Not everyone is physically capable of doing everything with their partner but should bookworms not marry blind people or something >:(
I wonder if I should bring that up to him or what. If I choose to talk to him again. Or just leave him to marinate in self-loathing idk I am a cruel mistress.

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On Friday Open Thread

The hairpin, I've been internetless for far too long! Do we still like trying to determine people's undeterminable behavior?
Say you had a crush on a dude, he makes it clear he's asexual, you conquer the crush and view each other as BFFs.
The other night, you drink together and he suddenly admits, coherence and romance to the extreme, that he's been in love with you for months, has really begun to feel safe around you, even mentioned a certain movie he had you watch (a few sober days prior) to communicate some stuff, and while you are making out you realize that you CAN write a novel with this seemingly cheesy plot because it has validated itself in reality and it's great.
And then the next time you see him, he says he loves you platonically, doesn't know why he said all those things, and is ashamed of "how evil" it was say. Genuine, tearful apology, not expecting forgiveness. You haven't seen each other since.
What the shit fucking fuck would you make of that.

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On Today is National Dog Day

@Better to Eat You With
Aw, what a puppy!
-oogles dude throwing frisbee-

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