On Friday Open Thread

So I got a call suddenly yesterday evening from my former mentor/current friend. A laboratory was looking for someone and she had recommended me. Better pay, more responsibilities, and the very real chance of managing it within two years! I called this morning, they had me come by, and by this evening I had an offer. I'm so scared of all these sudden changes but I'm worried that if I don't take this opportunity that I'll always regret it.

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On Friday Open Thread

My boyfriend and I leave in a few days for San Juan annnnnd the weather forecast looks AWFUL for the time we're there. Hopefully the rain doesn't last the whole day, every day. =[

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On Friday Open Thread

@professionalmess The Nerdist, Useless Information, and Doug Loves Movies are all pretty good!

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Explore Salzburg a bit more in-depth, it always has more to discover! And I visited Innsbruck before and loved it. I don't have that specific memories of it other than delicious ice cream, a swarovski gallery, and the golden roof.

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On Siri, Direct Me to Joaquin Phoenix's Heart

@tactfactory Ooh I have an anecdote! Today, someone (a man) advised me that if I really wanted to turn my man on, all I had to do was whisper into his ear "I only wish to serve you." BECAUSE WE ARE NOT PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVES OUTSIDE OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEN APPARENTLY

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On Friday Open Thread

I bought some Chanel No.5 today and I feel like one heck of a classy, grown-ass lady! Tomorrow I'm going to put on a modest yet sexy dress and heels and strut my classy 24 year old butt around. This perfume makes me feel like I have my life together.

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On Friday Open Thread

Sooo my birthday was last week, and my boyfriend's gift to me is a trip to Puerto Rico! I'm so so so excited I just want to dance every time I think about it!

In other news, my sleeping cat just farted next to me. Adorable.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Sea Ermine I am a histotechnician at an anatomic pathology lab. We prep tissue sections for staining and diagnosis by the pathologists. I started out last year at around $38,000 and now after a couple raises I now make $42,000 base. I work nights, get shift differential for working nights, have 17 days PTO, and pretty cheap medical/dental.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Daisy Razor My mom got my dad a grill, so I got him some accessories for said grill and THEN I drove out of state to get him his favorite beer to drink whilst grilling out. I can't wait to surprise him!

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On Happy Alien Week

I find the Hairpin to be a safe place, so I'll make a confession. Aliens frighten me, due almost solely to Mars Attacks! (fuck that movie). It's not the thought of aliens out there that scares me, just apparently ones with giant heads and eyes. Humanoid ones in blues boxes are dandy though!

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