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On “In New York, people will live in a garbage can!”

When I was a kid, 'polly' was our euphamism for vagina, and when Polly Pockets came out when I was like 6 my mom and sister and I nearly died laughing.

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On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

Ah! So excited, that etsy shop has so many hat-y things that might look good with my pixie cut...I've never been a hat person, but I might like to be.

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On Mourning Jewelry Curator Sarah Nehama on Death and Keepsakes

No, you're not a tasteless morbid freak! I don't know the real answer to your question, but if it didn't matter quite so much that the hair be visible, and you just wanted to have it, maybe you could look into the necklaces that people use to put cremation ashes in?

My sister has her best friend's ashes in a necklace that she wears every day, and it is kind of nice that nobody can tell that that's what it is! If you google 'cremation necklace' you'll find tons of places that sell that sort of thing.

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

You guys, do you dip quesadillas (cooked in a pan/griddle, not in the microwave) in hummus? It changed my life.
But, Trader Joe's hummus is my #1 favorite, so maybe I have terrible taste? Or maybe it's just because it was the first hummus I knew.

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On Be the Change, Jerks

@garli I was also always late for everything that my mom had to drive me to. My school had a policy where 5 unexcused tardies=detention, which sucked, because how is it in any way my 8-year-old fault that I didn't get to school on time? I got stress stomach aches when I was in second grade because of it!
Luckily, mom at least sympathized, so she would make up excuses every day. Often she'd tell the office that she had diarrhea, which was sort of like atonement, I guess.

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On Friday Open Thread

I work at a preschool, and two parents came to pick their kids up early, one in tears. Looking at all of these kids, I just...ugh. When I get a little tear-y and they ask why, I've been saying, "I think it's because I need a hug," and then I am plowed over by a group of 4 and 5 year olds, which helps immensely. I highly recommend hugging everyone you know today.

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On It Gets Worse

@WhiskeySour OH MY GOODNESS BABY ISLAND!! I have never met another person who knows that book. I read it at least 25 times as a child. I was obsessed. I recently bought it used, and, whoa.

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

A 4 year old girl gave me the best suggestion this year: John, the older brother from Peter Pan. Top hat, umbrella, white night shirt. I have a pixie cut, but if you have long hair you could easily tuck it under the hat.

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

I always sing the song from one of the teasers when I do my laundry: La La La Laundry Day, La La La The Pearson Way!

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On It's a Fair Cop

This dude I was sort of dating before he became creepy and mildly stalkerish loaned me some Philip K Dick books, and I only started to read one, and it was sort of about a stalker being really creepy and maybe raping someone, and I threw the whole collection in the garbage. So there.

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