On The Cider Report

Redd's and the other "apple ales" are apple-flavored malt liquor, a Zima for our time. Strongbow is a good apple cider, and you should also check out "perry," the cider made from pears. I've been drinking once called "Ace," and find it to be delicious. (Beer hater, here. Never developed a taste for it, and very glad to be able to just order a bottle of something that isn't malt liquor at a bar now, instead of being the snob with the vodka soda while all around me are drinking beer.)

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On Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

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On Lean Cuisine-A-Day Recap

Okay, here I go outing myself as a Lean Cuisine consumer. (Although in my household we refer to the frozen stuff as "swill," rather than "food.") My least-objectionables in no particular order: Lemon Pepper Fish--tip: overcook it slightly and eat with cocktail sauce; Roast Turkey with green beans; butternut squash ravioli (veggie, but not good if you have nut allergy); santa fe beans/rice; the plain Fettuccine Alfredo--not the ones with chicken--a little rich but pretty decent. Naturally, Nestle discontinued the LC product I LOVED: Lemon Chicken with the same rice pilaf as in the Lemon Pepper Fish. The replacement version with the orzo wasn't as good and I haven't seen it anywhere in months, so maybe it was dropped as well.

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On Poldark: A Cornish Maxiseries If You're Craving Pasties and Freckled Bosoms

Poldark was on television when I was in middle school (well, actually, high school, because it played in the U.S. a year or two after the UK), and I LOVED it. I had a major crush on Robin Ellis. I recently watched the whole thing again on Netflix. (The second season, which IMO does not hold up as well, wasn't on instant watch and I had to get the discs.) The novels by Winston Graham that the series is based on are quite good if you're into historical fiction--better character development, greater detail. And I know it looks cheap and cheerful to contemporary viewers (they shot on tape back then unless filming outdoors), but this was quite an expensive series to make, what with all the crowd scenes, exterior location shooting in Cornwall, and the sheer number of large fancy sets, several of which were one-offs.

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