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On A Post About Books, Sort Of

Mayyyyybe he's just a hoarder, but I like to think Stan is reading these books (or wants to) as he picks them up, which makes me like this story so much!

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On Tips For Treating Your Skin in The Wintertime

@Bunnies Wow, I thought the exact opposite: this is very much something I would have expected to find on the Hairpin a couple years ago, like the "getting the body you've always wanted" bit.

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On The Three Best Villains from R.L. Stine's Fear Street

I had more then 100 (preadolescent me would be so disappointed that I don't remember the exact number) Fear Street books and reread them often. (Especially easy since they only took like an hour to read.) I LOVED them so much!

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On In Praise of Tori Amos

@BattyRabbit GASP

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On Coming Out at Work, An Introductory Queer Library, and Being "Queer Enough"

LW3, try to meet more nonmonogamous people in general; I think then you'll find a lot of these questions are easier answered (or don't even come up because everyone makes the right assumptions). If you live in or near a major city, there are probably some meetups you could find and attend--even if you don't click with any particular people there, you can ask them what bars/clubs/dance nights they frequent where you could also go meet cool people who are likely to understand/not question your situation.

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On A Japanese Astronaut Says Goodbye to His Robot Space Companion

I am dying from the cuteness.

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On In Praise of Tori Amos

Nailed it with how it feels to admit to liking Tori Amos. (I DO LIKE BOTH, OK?)

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On Interview with a Woman Who Recently Discovered She Loves Group Sex

@wryredhead Every relationship has different dynamics, and different people like different things. The fact that she straight-out says that her husband calling the shots is "part of the fantasy" means that it IS okay for them and is something they've communicated about.

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On Henry James, Reviewed by Henry James

I love Henry James (and often find myself defending him at length to anyone who will listen to me talk about Henry James), and I LOVE this review.

I remember not being impressed with that adaptation, though.

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

@Statham Another OKC success here! I got the normal creepy/practically automated messages, but I also met some interesting people, a couple of whom I'm still friends with on facebook, and one of whom I'm married to.

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