On Remembering 'Hocus Pocus'

@feartie I have played this game at Halloween (in America) with donuts! It's probably not as delicious though.

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On The Forest Dolls of Hillsborough, New Hampshire

@wee_ramekin As a lifelong New Hampshirer who has never ever heard these comparisons, I feel like I now must reconsider my entire identity...

Also, we were the only state to vote Bush in '00 that then didn't vote for him in '04.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition

@teffodee Yes! That was my favorite Dear America book because my Mayflower ancestors were in it. And I kind of wish I could get away with naming my kid Remember Patience? (Although I always wondered how her parents were able to predict her disposition when she was, like, a month old.)

Also: Dear Canada?!? I need it I need it

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition

I am descended from the Brewsters! And also one Thankful Clapp, which is cute.

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On Take This Halloween Costume Idea ... Please

@punkahontas I was the tooth fairy when I was seven and missing my front teeth for real. My mom glued dimes all around the edges of my wings.

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On Drama-Minimization and Bathroom Riddles

@Rosebudddd I'm a hoverer and guess what, it's super easy not to pee all over the seat. But just in case, I put the seat up first. Problem solved

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On Addendum to the Modern Meanings of Flowers: "Blue" Roses

@katherine oh and also he will probably smash your favorite knicknack aka your soul.

knew I couldn't be the only one for whom blue roses call to mind rather the opposite of "encouragement for pursuing a dream".

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ingrid Bergman, Instrument of Evil

But what about the time Magnani THREW SPAGHETTI AT HER?

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On I'll Have What That Character's Having: Foods We Want to Try

The Hunger Games made me really hungry for rabbit. Similarly, I read the book The Namesake and craved samosas for like a week.

Also, Frobscottle

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On The Terrible Trials of the Modern Family

Hey! This is my first comment! My half siblings have always and forever been just my siblings. I mention the half-sibling thing sometimes to explain the age difference (18, 13 and 12 years). I know this is so circumstantial though, my freshman year roommate had a very young half sister (with MY NAME, weird) and said 'she's not my sister, she's just my dad's kid.' and MY sister and I chose to share a bedroom when she was a teenager and I was a toddler, which I've come to realize is kind of crazy.

Technically I do also have step siblings, but I don't have to worry about what to call them, because I never talk about them. or to them. I've met the woman once and the man a handful of times, and they actually have kids who are my age, and we just have never had any reason to be friends or anything.

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