On An Important Internet Classic: 10 Pranks That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

@StandardTuber These do get a lot easier to write if you imagine your boyfriend is Fred Willard.

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On Signs I Want You To Leave My House After I've Hosted You for Dinner

Thankfully, the only time this has happened to me was in highschool when my sister and I threw a party while the parents were away, and well after the party had died and all but about 4 people had left this one dude (who we didn't know) just kept on playing my sister's guitar while we stared at him with our arms crossed saying "Yo, you need to go home dude." Yay for adulthood!

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On Pairings By Profession in Notable Romantic Comedy Films

@rosaline I think it is Bridesmaids. If 40-year-old Virgin and Knocked Up count, I think Bridesmaids does too.

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On Pairings By Profession in Notable Romantic Comedy Films

@MattP I've only seen the poster was afraid that was probably it. Holding out hope though.

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On Girl, You Must Be...

@stuffisthings "Girl, you must be an asset because you are a spy working in his or her own country and controlled by the enemy." - that got a lot more interesting that it should have been. Also props on avoiding the obvious pun.

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On Pairings By Profession in Notable Romantic Comedy Films

I know that "Chef/Sous Chef" isn't Ratatouille, but I really want it to be.

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On Dinner With Gerhart and Edna

@jj Wikipedia says Hitler Youth existed from 1922 to 1945; during that period Gerhart would have been between the ages of 6 and 29, prime Hitler Youth demographic.

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On The Most Portentous Moments in "Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2012"

@fondue with cheddar The only thing better than the title of this clip is the subtitle: "Will Gabe let her fall?"

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On What a Difference 34 Years Makes

@Didldidi Have you watched Smoky and the Bandit? He's basically Han Solo.

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On Getting Guns

My dad was/is a gun nut (gifted my brother an I NRA memberships at age 18, um, thanks?). He has what could be legitimately called an arsenal, and taught me and my 3 siblings how to handle, load, unload, reload (in the home-made bullets sense), and shoot. We all took a hunter's safety course (my father is still an instructor in these courses) did a short bout of competitive/recreational air-rifle marksmanship with the local American Legion, and my brother and I each went hunting a little bit. But, part of the hunting experience was cleaning your animal, and after spending a good part of my youth raising and slaughtering chickens, the idea of dealing with a dead animal for fun was just not appealing at all. I shot 1 pheasant, and that was it. I was happy enough to go along and act as the dog; all the socializing, walking in the outdoors, and all that and none of the clean-up. Fun enough for a 14-year-old.

Now, I live in a relatively gun-shy state and have absolutely no interest in owning one. Shooting recreationally has all the appeal of golf to me. That is: fun enough to do maybe every year or two, certainly not worth owning the equipment for it, and expensive enough. As far as hunting, I have so many better ways to enjoy the outdoors (running, hiking, cycling) that it has never even seemed slightly attractive.

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