On Can You Patent a Tank Top?

I'm actually going to patent my own yoga outfits. I bet nobody else has ever thought of wearing to their yoga session a once-white-now-grey Gap tshirt with some slightly baggy-at-the-knee running leggings which got repurposed when I stopped running. They are very particular to me, being soggy with sweat and rather larger than the average yoga outfit. I am going to patent them right now and the sue the downward doggy arse off of anyone I see wearing anything similar next week.

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On "I Don't Fucking Care If You Like It"

Yup to all of this. I think of it as - "Hold on, I never said I was doing a survey"

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill

Sideways was the worst for this slacker unattractive man deserves and gets amazingly attractive girlfriend thing. And worse because it was somehow supposed to be a subversive, alternative film. Not subversive enough to make the point that men don't get what they want just because they are men and they want it.

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On Having the Best-Selling Cake and Eating the Review, Too: An Interview With Jennifer Weiner

Great interview on both sides! I didn't realise Jennifer Weiner had written so much. I am in the UK so she's a bit on the radar but not the poster girl for "don't call this chick-lit" - I think that's probably Marion Keyes here who also writes really fun, compelling books often with dark, dark themes (addiction and domestic violence being two recent ones) and who gets stupid book covers slapped all over her books and a chick lit label. Anyway, off to find some more Jennifer Weiner to read.

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On Part Two of "Mother's Mind"

oh good lord. What a terrible, terrible story. Wishing strength for Cindy's family and her boy.

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On RIP, Maya Angelou

Just had a little eye-prickle at Maya, Lesley, Carlo and Elmo. She was amazing - her musicality in her poems and just doing this little sketch on Sesame St.

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On The Jewish Daughter Diaries

Can your mother love you too much? I suppose yes if they can't let you go but actually, from a mother's point of view, I love my children to distraction. Is that too much? If I promise I will let them go (a bit) is that still too much?

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On How Old Is "Old Enough to Complain About Being Old"?

As for hairdressers, who say "ah bless" they must clearly be destroyed. I think this might be an English thing that stupid English people say - I can't visualise (?) this in an American accent (and no it's not Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias - that's a whole different thing). It's highly, highly patronising.

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On How Old Is "Old Enough to Complain About Being Old"?

@Danzig! Or you have someone at work, who actually does a proper, technical job as opposed to being the work experience person, who has never heard of the Fonz. This has happened to me.

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On The Lost Art of Dress: A Conversation with Historian Linda Przybyszewski

This is very interesting. I also love a 30s and a 40s style dress. My grandma wore them and they were in beautiful heavy crepe, with interesting necklines as described, and lovely 3/4 length sleeves. Also my pet peeve with a lot of fashion now is that it's all too short. You could imagine Anthropologie selling an updated version of any of the dresses illustrated on the McCall / Simplicity pattern packs. But they would make them end half way down the thigh and I don't have the appropriate thighs. I also just think that longer is prettier - even Heidi would look better with a skirt six inches longer http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/emmy-awards-2010-red-carpet-hits-misses-show-highlights-gallery-1.29825?pmSlide=1.27576

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