On Get Your Arse Out, Mate!

This is quite difficult to watch because of the cringe factor. What's worse is reading the comments on the Guardian site (and this is the Guardian so these are as good as they are going to get). Wholesale missing the point. Lots of men saying "but these are just ordinary men going about their business - they might not be the horrible kind of men who do this". Missing the point that this happens every single day to ordinary women going about their business, and even decent men don't really know this.

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On Mysteries of Adulthood

@Casanova Frankenstein I know someone called Candida.

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On Signs I Want You To Leave My House After I've Hosted You for Dinner

@hotdog I'm British and I couldn't even begin to say your way. I would do all the other ways listed here. And would follow up with a "thank you so much for coming, it's been delightful" when they finally left. It doesn't even strike me as passive aggressive - we all know exactly what's meant by that. This may be at the root of our foreign policy problems, by the way.

Love the list, the concept and the execution. Hate having people to my house.

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On Meet the Ostracized, Pad-Wearing, Goat's-Blood-Collecting Reproductive Health Hero of Southern India

Great story and a great man. Just thinking about how disempowered these women are that it is absolutely impossible for them to move this forward without a very determined man. He's done something fantastic for women - let's hope one day they can do it for themselves.

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On An Excuse to Reread Roald Dahl's "The Mildenhall Treasure"

Late to this but I love that Roald Dahl story and I think of it every time there is another hidden treasure uncovered story. Mildenhall Treasure is actually on show in the British Museum although it's actually more fun to imagine it as it emerged from the mud.

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On Sky Ferreira, "You're Not the One" (Live)

@OhMarie Nope, not getting it. But then I am British so am constitutionally opposed to enjoying this sort of thing. I did, however, get more than a twinge of a moment at the way she levers herself up from the chair. Brought back a muscle memory of how heavily pregnant people move.

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On Expansion of French Women Don't Series

@bureaucrab Brilliant. Note to self - start getting the collywobbles all over the place. There's a whole book of truth in this entry - British people are highly aware of the ridiculous nature of their presence. It's why we can never whoop in cinemas, among other things.

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On Kwabs, "Last Stand" (Live)

@solidgoldyacht Yes sir. What an amazing voice that seems to come from nowhere. I sound just like that in the shower.

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On Wikipedia Lists for the Year of the Horse

@Plexia Yes to horse-drawn boats around these godforsaken parts.
I love the bit in Wind in the Willows where Toad pretends to be a washerwoman on a barge and the barge woman throws him off the boat so he steals her horse. Brave, magnificent Toad!

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On Claire Maguire, "Lilac Wine" (Jeff Buckley Cover)

@MMTortuga and let's not even mention Miley Cyrus.

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