On 'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

I was traveling ALL DAY yesterday and didn't get to see this, but now I do and it is perfect. Fank you Nicole!


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On Breaking News Round-Up

@sunfastrose I have 2 younger sisters and we went as the Animaniacs one year for Halloween in the late 90s. I was Yacko. We actually sang the songs at people's doors while trick-or-treating. Specifically, "I'm Cute" and "Schnitzelbank." People just thought we were three dogs, though. :(

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On Breaking News Round-Up

Oh my god, my insane love for The Americans is so beyond. Keri Russell was my hairspiration for years (crazy curly hair) so I basically will watch anything with her in it, but the show is legit fantastic.

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On This Is Pretty Much How It Would Go

Ooooooooh, Martha Beck is amazing. Fun, revelatory, supportive. "Finding Your Own North Star" is so, so, so, so great.

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On Hairpin Book Club: New York Edition

@chrysopoeia Oh yeesh, I'm sorry! I literally had no idea and was hunting around for one.

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On Hairpin Book Club: New York Edition

@Jessica Freeman-Slade@facebook Sorry, NY is lowercase. It's hairpinnybookclub@gmail.com. Pronounced "Hairpinny book club."

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On Hairpin Book Club: New York Edition

@terrific Hi if this is Jamie, this is Angharad. I totally did not want to steal anyone's thunder! I did not know there was one - I emailed Edith if there was a NYC one already, and she indicated no, so I offered to collect emails and herd cats and whatnot. I'm excited too!

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On Gender, Generations, and Faculty Conflict

Caroline Bynum is the shit. Here's my Caroline Bynum story: I was in her medieval class and I had to withdraw from college midway through the semester because of mental health and family issues. Professor Bynum went to the registrar office on campus to find out my home address and wrote me a card wishing me well and saying she missed me in class discussions. I've NEVER heard of a college professor doing something like that - it's not like she was my advisor or anything, I just suddenly withdrew from the class and I guess she went to my dean to find out why. I've spoken to other Columbians and she apparently did kind things like that for random students in her classes all the time.
She and Ann Douglas meant more to me than they'll ever know.

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

Best way to make a professor fall in love with you: be the most brilliant student they've ever had. Remember, anyone with a doctorate, esp. in the humanities, is an outrageous nerd, so smart is sexy to them. Big boobs will not get you as far as (reading) big books.

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

@RationalHatter I had a multiyear relationship with a former prof of mine. It began after I was out of his class, and it was happy, healthy, and my friends & parents loved him. The age difference was subject to mocking for about six weeks, then everyone was like "Eh, let's make fun of other stuff." He asked me to marry him but we split because I moved overseas.

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