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@mittens blum Lots of folks, incl. me and my sis had that reaction to Soapwalla. Our doctor/naturopath said it was toxins getting out! And after a few days... they were gone. For us, at least. And now when I use it I have nothing! Aka no discoloration or rash-like thingey my sis had.

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On Friday Open Thread

@just reading in a boat no big deal No, no, don't worry! That skin darkening is, according to my doctor, toxins being released. Because I had it too. So you're OK! It should clear up soon. That's what he told me and it did. Also he is both a regular MD *and*naturopath who's been awesome for me so I trust him implicity.

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On Friday Open Thread

@martinipie What a great idea!

My pic is a young Angela Lansbury. Cabot Cove Syndrome is from "Murder, She Wrote," & is a term used to describe whenever copious amounts of dead bodies show up in small towns & far-off locations - aka wherever Novelist Jessica Fletcher would travel!



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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@Mira Perhaps. It's not just the bars, though. Also, I'm not a young sprite so the answer for me isn't H Street or the Atlas District or wherever the Young Things are. But if you have suggestions where 35+ normal people hang out, I'd like to hear them.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@Yarnybarny Yay! Yes!!!!!!!! Tell me how.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

I now live in DC but spent most of my life in Chicago. Chicago the city. Never the 'burbs. I love and miss it fiercely! And here are the reasons for my missing:

1. Downtown. Gorgeous. Soaring skyscrapers that stretch over Lake Michigan, which is so big it goes on and on into the horizon - like a sea or ocean. The lakefront paths are perfect for biking, running, strolling, picnicking. When dusk falls, the stars twinkle and so do all the buildings' lights, and that all reflects in the water.

2. Food. Amazing! Forget deep dish pizza, I'm talking amazing Polish (holla! I'm Pol-Am), Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Italian, sushi, fusion, hot dogs (SuperDawg!), brunches - you have a taste for it, we got it. Chicagoans love to eat, and each neighborhood has super solid, delicious, wonderful places - from super fancy lounges to tiny little holes-in-the-wall that serve heaping portions of delicious, decadent food.

3. Culture. The Art Institute is fantastic. Its Impressionist collection is wonderful; the new wing by Renzo Piano overlooks Millennium Park, which features outdoor concerts - from classical to jazz and loads in between. Pack a picnic and drink lots of wine under the stars. The Opera is amazing; the Symphony is stunning. The Blues scene is Seriously Awesome - Chicago loves its music.

4. People. I love that in Chicago, I can go to a bar with some girlfriends, sit at the bar, order some delicious beverage, and just chat - to the people around us, to the bartender. In DC, people tend to go to bars in cliques and it is all snooty and, Oh, what do you do and who do you know? Chicagoans are real.

5. The Weather. Yes, winters are long and suck. But, you simply put on lots of layers and get a puffy marshmallow coat and good boots, and traipse on down to your local bar to commiserate and play darts and drink warming beverages. And, it balances out, b/c the summers and falls are gorgeous!!!

6. I could go on and on and on. But, violence-wise: Violence in Chicago is terrible and real. I reported on it and to do so, I visited neighborhoods that were dangerous and terrifying. But as others have said - it's lots of gang violence and turf wars. It exists. It's real. I personally have never encountered it (and nor has anyone I know) outside of reporting on it.

7. As for parking meters - I don't own a car and didn't when I lived downtown. There's no need to, so.... ya.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@Yarnybarny Me too! Whenever I fly back in I get tears in my eyes when I see the tip of downtown emerging beyond the lake.

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On Friday Open Thread

@KatieBarTheDoor I'm a journo in DC, and haaaaaaated with the passion of a thousand dying suns the Zoe Barnes character. The arguments she was having with her bureau chief: b.s. No one in 2013 (when HoC is set) would be arguing about using the Twitter. No one would print a single source story at the Washington Post-like paper without fact-checking the sh** out of it. The whole journalism world was skewed, and warped, and ICK.

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On Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum I got Daenerys, because I am driven and ambitious and brave, apparently. Which is funny, because I'm on Book 4 and have started skipping the Daenerys chapters - and some others, too! I can't keep all the dang storylines in order, and he keeps adding moar and moar and I just keep reading and all of a sudden getting to a part and thinking, Wait, what? Who? Whyyyyy?

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On Ask a Jeweler

@Countess Maritza Spell casters for the win!

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