i'm a rural girl who has lived all over the world and now come to san francisco. this most recent experiment in self actualization (moving across the country in an SUV with a boyfriend about 18 months ago a few months shy of my big 30th birthday) has devolved into a nightmare of unemployment, bike accident, surgery, and one-bedroom-apartment trapped hell. when i'm not being socially isolated in the western addition i like camping, whisky, road trips, costume parties, charades, arts'n'crafts, and cooking.

By ejcsanfran on The Best Time I Got Hit by a Car

@karion: Hey, I appreciate you feeling like a jackass on my behalf! But seriously, the thing I've learned since I've been riding: there are a-holes using every mode of transport (car, bike, bus, feet). And they are probably a-holes regardless of which mode they use.

Most of us generally law-abiding cyclists are quite displeased with those who ride like jerks - they ruin it for the rest of us and we all get tarred with the same brush.

And for the record, any time I'm walking down the sidewalk and some d-bag comes zipping along on his bike, I wish I had a broomstick to jam in his spokes...

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By FulanaDeTallcan on Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

I'm gonna come at 7:45 so that maybe people will already be a little faded and then I won't be Awkward Brown Girl starting conversations.

Possible Ex.: "You know how you guys were like, talking about dressing like Elaine Benes to come to the mission? I'm dressed like her too! With a Today Sponge©. In my vagina©. Wait, where are you going?"

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By Fear Biter on Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

@ejcsanfran THIS ... I'm a semi-lurker and even though I feel a frisson of excitement every time one of the commenters I admire outs themselves as a fellow bay area-er, and have dreamed of an SF 'pin-up, I fear I'm too chicken to show up. Maybe there can be a sub-gathering of the pathologically shy within this gathering? We can all wear masks and just text each other? Or something even less social?

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By scully on Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

@thebestjasmine Yes - I was just going to say!
Jane Marie, please come! You kind of have to come to the first CA pinup right?
Maybe we should all agree to show up with Jane's Emmy hair?? I am still fascinated by that spray stuff.

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By EggsErroneous on M.A.S.H. for NYC Adults

Holy Mary, mother of God. Get out of my head! I admit that a couple weeks ago a friend and I started a shared googledoc specifically for playing MASH during work. There, I said it.

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By Danielle Roderick@facebook on Poldark: A Cornish Maxiseries If You're Craving Pasties and Freckled Bosoms

@QuiteAimable Oh yes, it is there in Instant, waiting for you.

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By MollyculeTheory on What I Actually Wore

Ugh, at least you change clothes! Mine this weekend would be something like "put on black stretchy dress that you suspect might actually be some sort of long girdle with shoulder straps, but whatever. Add a weird cropped yellow T-shirt over it. Wear for an hour until boyfriend decides he's too depressed to go out. Throw your strappy wedges into the corner in disgust and put on pajama shorts. Next day, put the same stupid dress back on to go to brunch because you wore it for, like, an hour. Come on. This time, add weird white cropped tank top. You are too lazy to take this off, so you wear it all day until you spill dipping sauce from the gyoza you are eating at like 11 at night and so you take off the tank top and Shout wipe it and then wear the dress to bed because just, like, whatever. Whatever."

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