i'm a rural girl who has lived all over the world and now come to san francisco. this most recent experiment in self actualization (moving across the country in an SUV with a boyfriend about 18 months ago a few months shy of my big 30th birthday) has devolved into a nightmare of unemployment, bike accident, surgery, and one-bedroom-apartment trapped hell. when i'm not being socially isolated in the western addition i like camping, whisky, road trips, costume parties, charades, arts'n'crafts, and cooking.

On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

Haha! This is the longest comment chain ever. Because this is the "internet" I will feel comfortable sharing with you that my live in boyfriend and I are totally open-bathroom users (the bathroom is TINY and the door practically hits your knee!) but what really cleared up any lingering couples embarassment was when I had traumatic surgery last year and was on painkillers for a while. Then you can't poop and it becomes an obsession, like chugging water and chomping fiber pills and then, I got this horrible horrible thing I would never wish on anyone called a *fissure* that I'd had before and "pops up" (literally) from time to time, but worse than EVARR before so he had to deal with me like crying and trying to go to the bathroom. Luckily, I couldn't go anywhere at the time so I didn't have to try and deal with this in public too much :\ but having bathroom issues outside of regular bathroom issues must be SO HARD , like trying to bring your wipes and /or water / or whatever into public restrooms with you (so scared of being pregnant / old...)

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On How Are We Coping With Unemployment?

I love the pie chart! That's how I feel about being unemployed in SF too - although I'm practically working fulltime (just "volunteering" haha) and will be doing so at a community/farmer's market this afternoon, where I will be eating strawberry and kettle corn samples :)If you were here we could hang out and commiserate about the takeover of good editorial content by "Top 7 Ways To . . ." lists.

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On IUDs, or A Detailed Guide to Long-Term Sperm Scarecrows

Just wanted to say that I got my Mirena exactly one week ago! I was totally freaked out and scared about it (I actually found a post it note the nurse accidentally left on the door that said "Room 201 - Nervous Nelly". But you guys, it barely hurt at all and I only had period-like cramps for a day, and then the next night I drank beer and also rode my bike like 18 miles! The spotting only lasted about 4 days and was tiny and I'm psyched!

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On The Return of the Mysterious, Long-Fingered Frog

Oh haha! I loved this! What a great start to my workday, imaging a silent and rather sulky frog smirking at me as he "parts a beaded curtain with a long finger" - how much would you like to see this in animation?

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On The Contraception "Debate"

@RK Fire I actually went to Georgetown for grad school a few years ago, and yes, birth control on the GU student health care (and employees, for that matter) actually is something people talked about all the time. (And were worried about). Turns out, everyone takes the birth control they need for medical or contraceptive reasons regardless. That's because the medical professionals who work there, and have high-level GU training, understand that their duty is to the health of their patients, not an outside private insurer's plan approved by the University, so they simply write a note that the birth control is for a medical reason. It's not perfect, but it works. There are a shit ton of ladies at Georgetown with "medically problematic periods".

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

I love this thread - and I'm glad I'm not the only person who, like @charethcutestory, has their day ruined by revolting low life men. That really gets to me, but I experience here in the US (DC, San Francisco, other cities) almost as much as I have traveling abroad (except in the Caribbean). I do not like feeling like an object, and I reallllly don't like how I can be having a perfectly fine day and minding my own business and some revolting individual finds it necessary to get involved and make me feel gross/unsafe/so fucking angry. I'm still dealing with how to handle this type of situation. I DO know that traveling solo as a female is WAYYY different than for men, and I always got really pissed when 20something guys I knew would be like "ohhh, that country is so laid back and chill and I did this awesome surfing session and went out drinking with these great guys and we shared stories all night long and blah blah" - mostly in places where women 1. do not drink 2. do not wear bathingsuits in public 3. are harassed, not invited over for bro chill time. That being said, a lot "locals" in various countries hold just as much contempt for this treatment as I do - people have told me in various places that these are the "street guys" or "lowlifes", and not everyone there thinks or acts this way (they're probably at work or with their families, not leering at any potentially female personage walking down the street). I do love traveling alone, though I haven't been able to for a few years now, and it's a completely different experience than traveling with friends, colleagues or significant others. I have much more time for writing/reading/being MELANCHOLY (basically the whole time) and never go out to bars or out to eat by myself. This is partly because I am the brokest, cheapest person you will ever meet, and partly because I have social anxiety about going out to eat/drink alone - I never know what to do. Do you read a book? Stare at the wall while chewing? The only other downside to traveling alone (aside from harassment protection and having fun going out/partying) is the cost. A lot of places have pensions/small hotels/private villas to rent, which are fun. It's really amazing and easy to find with the internet now (like the article says), but even guidebooks still have their place in less internet-savvy countries. I also love traveling by train, which is awesome solo, you have tons of time to think, watch the landscape, listen to music, knit, and often can strike up a conversation with your seat-mates. An incognito zippered handbag/messenger bag (that fits your camera, water, umbrella, valuables), a long trench-coatish style coat that can do in a rainshower, and comfy but not sneakers - helps me blend in in the European-type places. Going hiking and checking out parks, national parks, whatever is also a great activity - in some countries the city parks are just ridiculous and feature everything from beer gardens to full Japanese garden installations.

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On Wedding Makeup for the Sweatless

i found some info! http://culturepotion.blogspot.com/2010/05/kosovar-wedding.html i just loved this video. i also love all sorts of balkan music, if you guys aren't already, you should be listening to it too - everything from hard-drinking folk punk brass music to ethereal folk singing over guitars. too bad i can't understand the lyrics.

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On The Best Time I Got Hit by a Car

PS i hate helmets too but the most magical thing ever is to ALWAYS wear a cap or hat underneath. i recommend walz caps, they make a gorgeous wool bike cap that has a flap you can roll down over your ears in the winter (i hate having cold eardrums) plus it makes your hair flat and still looks OK when you take off your helmet. in the summer i always wear one of those cotton race cap bike cap things under my helmet, plus it doubles as a sun/rain shield in a pinch (plus hair smoothener of course)

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On The Best Time I Got Hit by a Car

the only time i ever got into a bike/car mashup was caused by a pedestrian. just sayin'. i was riding my bike home from work on rhode island avenue (HELL, especially in 98 degree heat, thank god i don't live there anymore)and a guy just walked out from between two parked cars as i was rolling up to the stop light and flipped me off my bike, INTO a car. my bike was mangled and i had a mild concussion. however, i was wearing a helmet. i don't buy into bike/car/pedestrian animosity. it pisses me off in fact. let's just agree that the same people that make a wide swing right and suddenly turn left without a signal in their car are the same people who jaywalk talking on their iphones are the same people who don't know how to use the brakes on their bikes, mmhkay?

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On Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

i've been WANTING to meet hairpinners!!! you'll recognize me because i'll be the socially awkward mainer recovering from foot surgery, limping in and not up to par with cute san francisco girl-fashion.

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