On If You Were a Hyperlink

i love this so so much!!

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On Shared Spaces, Lie-Measurement, and the Manageable Hassle

@Emma Peel yes, exactly just a way more intense way of saying i love you.

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On Shared Spaces, Lie-Measurement, and the Manageable Hassle

3 and 4 both seem really young, and it makes me wince pretty hard when they say "we've been talking marriage". sometimes when you're young, telling your signif other that you want to marry them is just a way of telling them that you super, super love them. Ya know? Or is that just my experience? Ha

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On How to Train for a Half Marathon and Somehow Still Gain Weight

Man, I always feel like i'm in the minority when the issue of running and weight comes up. i used to be about 15 pounds heavier then I am now, and I was off and on depressed and had weird dependency issues. Then I started running about 4x a week and I gradually lost 15 pounds (over a few years). Since i started running i've been pretty happy and and it's been very easy for me to maintain my weight . it's really just the motivation to get out the door that i think is the biggest challenge. anyways, my point is running is the best.

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On Oliver Burkeman and the Pursuit of Happiness

I am all for this book and his research. However, I do know that there was a teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre who was under convicted of having relations (I don't know if they were consensual or not) with an underage student. I am just wary of many meditation and yoga centers in the New England area for being a little on the cult-y side, especially IMS. Burkeman probably should have gone to a more legit center to do his happiness research.

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On Fantasies, Expiration Dates, and the Vasectomy

@alebee ARE you the woman from that this american life episode??

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On Fantasies, Expiration Dates, and the Vasectomy

@Kirsten I agree that she should do what makes her happy, and there's no telling what the future will bring. But LW4’s situation was me about six months ago. I was “warned” by my bf for about three months before we broke up that he needed to be alone/ learn about himself. He had also never been single before. In the end, I went traveling as a way to end it and free myself from his wrath of subtle manipulation (which is really what this guy’s doing). So, I really just thought it was bullshit until I met a dude who had just broken up with his girl for the same reasons – so maybe this is some sort of epidemic sweeping loser boys nationwide. Anyways, I tried really hard to believe him that he still loved me, and that there was a possibility of us getting back together after he had “learned” about himself. In the last two months we saw each other, and accidentally fell into some kind of skype relationship. But once he got himself a regular FWB and a drinking problem, he dropped his very concrete plans to come visit me out east, and told me in so many words that he would be totally fine if our lives never crossed paths again. So my point is yes – maybe he is being honest and truly believes he needs to work on himself and be alone, and that you do have a good chance of getting back together. But there is also the enormous possibility that he’s just a confused, selfish jerk and this is the end of the road for good. You’ll really never know until you know.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

Saliva totally works! I used to work with costumes and that was always the protocol when fabric got blood stained. Also, one time I had period sex in my boyfriend's parents' bed and stained their comforter (it seeped through the towel). My boyfriend was freaking out, and got angry when I started intentionally drooling all over their bedding. Once I explained and proved to him that saliva was the solution everything was fine.

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On Escaping, Tipping, and Moving Forward

I transferred from my lame private east coast school to an awesome CUNY where the tuition was hmmm... and eighth of the cost! I never wanted a "college experience" and I had a big enough social circle in the city to really take advantage of what my school really was: a commuter school. I think you need to decide how badly you want a typical college experience (dorm life, campus parties, a cafeteria) vs. how much you just want to get your BA out of the way. Also if you're going for a liberal arts degree, you really should just go to the cheapest school possible because all that degree really is just a one-way ticket to internshipland.

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On Breaking Up With: Cheaters, Travel Partners, and the Decrepit

@LW1: I am in an almost identical situation minus the engagement thing. My bf has had 3 serious relationships before me and cheated on the last two because he was either unsatisfied or wanted out. We were friends for years before we got together and I had the semi-unfortunate opportunity of meeting all three of his ex's so I have a different aspect of the history. Also both his mom and dad cheated on each other many times while they were still together, which I know is a fact that somewhat comforted his decision making. We have a great relationship, and I know that he wouldn't cheat on me, but it took several months to really build that trust as well as many, many talks regarding his past infidelity and issues of commitment. I say don't be afraid to voice all of your feelings and hold nothing back no matter how uncomfortable it might be for him to talk about it.

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