On Seamless and Netflix Are Killing You Says New Article

So I've been married for a few years, but ordering in Thai and House of Cards marathons? Check and mate.

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On "Draw"

When I was a 911 operator I had a memorable conversation with a man who was either very high or an unmedicated schizophrenic. He called because there were "people outside his house with guns," and as I tried to get descriptions of them their numbers, placement, and the number of weapons kept changing. Exasperated I tried to just focus on one woman that he had said had a gun.
"Where is the gun?"
Rambling nonsense
"Where did you last see the gun?"
More rambling nonsense
"The woman - where does she have the gun?"
"I dunno! Probably in her pussy!"
"... In her pussy, sir?"
"Well that's where she keep everything!"

Until this day I did not think it possible.

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On Viagra: The New Heating Pad

@Myrtle They make plenty of money already, though when has that stopped anyone?
It's safe for long-term use in women, or at least it fucking better be, but if you're referring specifically to vaginal use I can't imagine it would have any greater impact than maybe tissue irritation?

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On Viagra: The New Heating Pad

@Eyre Apparent Yea. If I still get cramps every month when I'm chock-full of Cialis (or Adcirca for the fancy lung people) I have a hard time believing this beyond just anecdotal evidence or a super subtle effect.

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On Viagra: The New Heating Pad

@Eyre Apparent It's not just a headache though, it's a weird dizzy kinda headache. You can literally feel your blood vessels dilate and constantly have this strange awareness of the lower blood pressure. It's not pleasant.
I both take sildenafil daily for my Pulmonary Hypertension and have a Paraguard IUD, so I know a bit about the drug AND severe cramping. I can't imagine it's worth it.

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On How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years

@what As someone who has oral HSV-1 I can say that suppressive drugs are a fucking MIRACLE. I had an outbreak here and there over my 29 years until my body decided to have as many in just the last 6 months.
I'm all about destigmatization and sex positivity, but it's fucking unpleasant to say the least and not anything we should stop concerning ourselves with spreading, regardless of it's lack of 'danger.'

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On How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years

@Mariah Mantis@twitter Pretty much. Or you roll the dice (like most of us I'd say) and A. Hope you don't get it and B. Hope you don't get recurrent outbreaks if you are infected.

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On How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years

@RisaPlata Well if you have antibodies for one type you've already been exposed to it and can't 'get' it again. It's just a question of whether or not you have outbreaks.
However if you have 1 you can still get 2 and visa versa. Immunity only occurs for whatever type you've been exposed to and even then you theoretically can spread it to other parts of your own body.

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On Talking About #FemFuture

Word up to all of the above. You guys are all basically saying the things I'm feeling, but far more eloquent and thoroughly.

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On Talking About #FemFuture

"It's easy to understand how people who are habitually marginalized might be sick of making all the effort to bring about their own inclusion."

Aaaand just like that, my initial feelings about the topic are checked.
It's just so damn complicated. I really want to believe, and mostly do, that no one who sees themself as part of the movement is actively and intentionally being exclusionary or ignoring the issues of intersectionality. We need those voices, but we can't, and shouldn't try to, speak for them. So we need to be better about bringing them in to the discourse.
And of course there's the argument that dividing our attention among all the issues at once weakens our position, and that we should take one issue at a time (at least this seems to be a debate in the LGBT crowd re: marriage). But with that approach, will the issues of the relative minorities ever get addressed? There will always be bigger, more pressing, visible fights.

Ugh. Am I even making sense? I'm both over-caffeinated and doped up on painkillers.
I really care about intersectionality and am interested in the whole discussion, but it kinda feels like there will never be a solid common ground or solution. Too many issues and perspectives and variables.

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