On The Bestworst Guy

@elizabeast I changed a dude's name in my phone to "Seriously what is wrong with you."

It worked pretty good.

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On Friday Open Thread

Dudes! I just started this project called The Message Saved where I'm collecting anonymous saved text messages/emails/etc (basically anything digital that you've saved for sentimental value), illustrating 'screenshots' of them, and then posting them on this site. It's a pretty new project, so I'm looking for contributions and it seems like something that might be up ya'lls alley. Check it out if you'd like. (Also, forgive me for being a douche canoe and posting this on FOT but I AM JUST REALLY EXCITED. Does caps-lock yelling strengthen my ethos here?)

Anyway, here's the site: The Message Saved

And here's the link to submit a message .

Thanks pinners!

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On More Frightening Things to Read

@iknowright That's where that story was from?! I could not remember for the life of me. It was one of those weird stories that got stuck in my brain when I was a kid and then just sat there with no referenece. Next time I'm at my parents' house, I'm going to see if they still have that book.

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On Searching for Myrtle the Lost Chihuahua

I just saw a poster for Myrtle this morning on my way to work. So weird!

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On Friday Open Thread

I almost ordered my friend 4 boxes of Pepper Jack Cheez Its because he can't find them where he lives and he loves them. But then I had to go do work at work, so I closed the window, and I was going to order them from Walmart.com, so it's probably better that I didn't.

So that's the present I almost gave?

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On When to Buy a Plane Ticket

@cd Yeah, I was confused about that, too. Does it mean I should buy my holiday plane tickets in a couple weeks or does it mean that I should plan to go on vacation from late Dec/early Jan? Because I remember from traveling when I was a student that these tickets were all really expensive...so I'm leaning towards the reading of that point that leans towards, "Hey kids, go buy your tickets in a few weeks, everyone is burnt out from traveling and therefore unlikely to be in the mood to plan more trips."

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Ugh, you guys, why did you buy all of the glass wall planters? I waaaaaant some. :(

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On Baggage, "Bed Death," and Suspected Infidelity Triangles



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On Friday Open Thread

@realtalk Is it bad that I assume they're 2-3 inches shorter than what they've listed? It is. It is bad. That said, if they're great, we go out anyway.

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On Friday Open Thread

@dauphine I always wish that.

It goes something like this:
1.) See a banana chip.
2.) Eat it.
3.) Feel disappointed it doesn't taste like a plantain chip.
4.) Eat another banana chip.
5.) Wonder why this banana chip didn't taste like a plantain chip either.
6.) Repeat. Forever.

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