On Two Alleged Instances of "Penis Captivus"

haha I soooo heard this on NPR on my late night commute home from my restaurant job, and I've referenced these very same quotes very often during low-key party conversation. I am everything that NPR pledge drives suggest I am. Lolz

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey Pinners, I'm late to the game, but I'm interested in learning what Podcasts y'all are into.
I just jumped into the podcast world, and I'm loving it, but I feel like I've only tapped into some of the more mainstream stuff.

Right now, I listen (with varying degrees of regularity) to: Judge John Hodgman (soooo good!), WTF w/ Maron (hit or miss), Comedy Bang Bang (much of the time I love it), Pop Culture Happy Hour (love it), Mental Illness Happy Hour (I'm not that into Gilmartin, but if I'm interested in the guest I can tolerate him enough)

What else is out there, maybe a little further off the beaten path, with fewer celebrity guests and NPR personalities?

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With NPR's Linda Holmes

@rallisaurus I guess this means the new podcast won't be on my feed for my gym time today, rats! Also jealous :)

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On Is Snooze the Enemy?

About a year ago I switched to the smart alarm thing where my first alarm comes in the form of quiet and gentle flowy water sounds, 9 minute snooze and then this really loud jarring rooster noise. Honestly I don't trust myself enough to totally get rid of the snooze, but I've pretty much trained myself to wake up to the gentle noises just because the rooster is soooo awful. So now I'm up and at'em right away after 25 years of 40 minute snooze sessions divided between multiple cell phone and digital alarm clocks, its amazing!

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On Claire Danes: Legend

I mean I haven't read the New Yorker profile yet, but I know I will love it. I am also a fan of the Anne Helen Peterson piece on Claire Daines, on her blog I think, and the numerous writers who have imagined a world where Angela Chase grows up and into Carrie Mathison. Although obviously I think Angela would probably be a social worker, or community organizer or something that is much more aligned with my own politics than a CIA agent.

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On The O.C.'s Music Supervisor Picks a Contemporary OC Playlist

Uuugh that song over an angsty montage of Marissa flashbacks, am I right? I can tooootally imagine that. I can even imagine hating it because Marissa was the worst! That song is sooo angsty!

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On Project Popsicle

@bnna this internet lady seemed to figure it out! You could even multi-task the dry ice for a Halloween in July party or something!

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On Project Popsicle

@Tape Recorder What about using dry ice??? Because then maybe you could add more booze and freeze them all the way through???? I don't have any experience, but I am curious so maybe I'll google it!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I am a relatively new and relatively inactive commenter here, and its not totally clear to me what conversation you're trying to start, but it resonates with me. I am someone who hates thinking about money, personal finance sounds like the worst. I am bad with my own money, of which I have very little, but that's ok because I am a young and healthy single person, who doesn't have much to worry about outside of rent, groceries (booze) and student loans. And yet... I have kind of dedicated my life to thinking about money. Or more specifically labor and class and the distribution of wealth blah blah blah. I grew up lower-middle class, the daughter of a union teacher and a union construction worker, my dad got promoted into a management position and then laid off a million times because he didn't have a college degree. My mother is still working on her graduate degree so she can make a little more money and maintain health insurance for my father who is now on disability. I spend my days talking to people who are working minimum wage service jobs (same as me) but trying to build and sustain families on meager wages, no benefits, etc... Shit is unfair! Money is this very personal thing that we all have FEELINGS about, but also its bigger than that its a crucial part of a system that dis-empowers the majority of people and segregates us all. I guess I struggle with sort of status quo of "you do you," when it comes to money. I get that it affects us all in very different ways, and we all have feelings, because I have feelings about money too. I feel possessive, protective, anxious, proud, etc... at different times about my bank balance. But "you do you" doesn't challenge anything, it doesn't push people with more money to think critically about their feelings of possessiveness and entitlement, and it doesn't push people with less money to fight for power and think critically about the distribution of wealth. I dunno, I don't read the billfold that much (I want to start reading it more after this thread) but I guess what I take issue with is that it feels like they give equal space to discussion of labor and economic injustice as they do some sort of whiny upper middle class personal finance pieces like they are just different perspectives in a wide array of 'people making personal choices about money.'

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On Friday Open Thread

@dale Patti Smith, John Waters, the entire cast of My So Called Life, Parker Posey in Party Girl, and a touch of Blair Waldorf. Haha, I realize now that I write it out this is a funny combination, but it works!

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