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Clearly the fastest way to destroy the institution of marriage is to just start giving away kitchenaid stand mixers.

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By noodge on Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

all the goosebumps. all the time. since last night.

in the face of overwhelming asshattery is when we find our most majestic sheroes.

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By wee_ramekin on Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

Emma! Jia!

Thank you SO much for posting this.

@Pinners. It has been CRAZY here in Austin over the last few days. Pro-choice Texans have been turning out in droves to protest the flagrant disregard for the will of the people that has been occurring. We had 1,000+ protesters flooding the Texas Capital the day that the House took up this bill.This clip from the Rachel Maddow show details all the twists and turns this bill has taken, and all the roadblocks pro-choice Texans and Texas Democratic legislators have thrown up to stop it. The clip is about 6 minutes long, but it's a really good summary of what's been going on.

Amy Gentry (who used to comment pretty frenquently on the 'Pin as @oeditirx) was at the House debate and wrote a really moving opinion piece on this issue.

Y'all, take heart. We have an amazing champion in Wendy Davis, who is elegantly filibustering this shit into the ground. Texas House Representatives Jessica Farrar, Dawnna Dukes (that's my rep!), Senfronia Thompson, Sylvester Turner, Gene Wu, Nicole Collier, Alma Allen, Mary Gonzalez, and many others fought tooth and nail to delay passage of the bill in the house long enough to give Senator Davis as short a filibuster time as possible. It was amazing and inspiring to watch.

There's also a sense - at least from what I can tell on Twitter and by living in Austin - that Texas Democrats are really getting energized, with this issue as our flash-point.

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By iceberg on Five New Uses for the Bible

Rarely has the phrase "Jesus wept" seemed more apt.

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By AMc on Are Gods Boring?: Wanting More From Yeezus

@jaimebee tho I've never even seen this part of Hairpin town before!

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By jaimebee tho on Are Gods Boring?: Wanting More From Yeezus

y'all are on another level with this. THANK YOU.

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By fondue with cheddar on We Are All Pregnant Again

I predict it will be a beyouncing beybey boy.

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By queenofbithynia on Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@travelmugs @travelmugs You weren't wrong, together forever even in death is pretty open-and-shut romantic in any sense of the word. also, gross, but whatever, it's not a realist novel in any part. I mean it is also not an emotionally realist novel. it is not about a bunch of sensible people smirking at each other tolerantly, but I consider that to be a virtue and not a defect. I also maintain that therapy would not have helped a one of them, they are beyond its reach, they have too much ungovernable will.

So sure, teenagers like it because teenagers are full of rages and passions. that's a testament to their discernment and intuition, not a condemnation of the book.

I mean I still remember the exact moment I was reading it on the bus and I discovered that this was not the book I had been told it was and perhaps the world was not the world I had been told it was either. It's really something.

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By PatatasBravas on My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

It just gets worse, every single sentence, and I am so mad. (She seems awesome, I'm going to go reserve all her books at the library.)

For the record, if anyone wants to pull a "Brad Paisley/Accidental Racist" comment and ask people to stop looking for things to get mad about:



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By Gulfie on Today I Will Go To Chipotle for Lunch


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