On Feed Me's Dubstep Robyn Remix, "Call Your Girlfriend" (Also, Please, What Is Dubstep?)

Dubstep is a genre that, if you dropped it in the middle of a super-fun houseparty, would probably clear the floor. Not that I would, *ahem*, know from experience.

Listening to this remix tells you pretty much everything you need to know about dubstep, tho, srsly. Tracks built around a very fast tempo (like 150 bpm) but with most elements hitting in half time. Lots of gurgly, wobbly bass sounds, and switching between short bursts of full-tempo 4/4 beats and extended half-speed breakbeats.

That makes it so totally clear, right? :-/

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On People Literally Surfing the Web

I like the "Surfing on the Internet" one with the windsurfer and all the clip art computers. It's just, like, _so_ WTF.

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On tree puppet model at ecco show in copenhagen

Mmmm... shades of the fashion show from 'True Stories'

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On Your Midwinter Essentials

Pearl Person Brooch!!!! Any time of the year is right for one of those!

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On The Best of Sexual Harassment Stock Photography

What I appreciate most about this work is its subtlety.

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On Farewell to Forever 21


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On Your Morning Face

Have fun, Bonnie!

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On Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton

I still get chills (!) at the one-minute mark on this, one of my favorite Dolly moments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6IIkpmw8Ow

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On GChat and You

Nice art direction there, Edith!

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On Men Laughing Alone With Fruit Salad

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