By insouciantlover on Leeches

Haha, Edith's leech has eyelashes. What a slut!

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By VictorVictrola on We're Never Gonna Survive Unless We Get a Little CRR-azy

@MollyculeTheory which typically presents itself alongside FLAF-NO Fluorescent Lighting Ahh! Favors No One.

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By sorry your heinous on T-Shirt Has Naughty Message and More, or Less

I don't get it.

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By Edith Zimmerman on In Praise of the Title Nine Catalog Models

That girl with the hockey stick also needs to PULL up her PANTS!

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By Jon Custer on The Cleavage Manifesto: One Man's Thoughts on (Not) Looking at Breasts

I don't see why Anonymous is so intent on exploiting women all the time. Like if I am interacting with a cashier, and I want to look up from my wallet to make polite eye contact, what I do is close my eyes really tight and then sort of roll them up into the back of my head, then open them and sort of swing them down from the top so my harmful Male Gaze doesn't accidentally sweep across any exposed busom flesh. If I want to address her by name, rather than read the name tag, which is basically a form of rape, I usually just choose a random one, like the name of a female sports celebrity or politician so that she knows that I know that even though she may be working in a stereotypically female menial service job NOW, she still has the POTENTIAL be a successful tennis player or the president of Israel. And when I have to walk through a public place where there might be women, I usually just stare at the floor and kind of shuffle along unobtrusively near the wall or something. Fancy hotel lobbies are the worst, because those marble floors sometime reflect a glimpse of one of the ladies I'm trying so hard not to dominate with my staring, so if I am on a business trip or traveling with my parents or in some other situation where we are staying in a nice hotel I usually just tell everyone I have a friend in that city anyway and I'll go stay with them and then I sleep in the park. If I had any female friends, which I don't, because I think it would be hard to spend that much time with somebody and never once even glance at the area between their neck and their knees, but if I did, I imagine they would say I was the best feminist ever and they wished their boyfriends could be just like me.

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