By Amphora on Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

Ahhh Split Infinity! You just brought back so many memories of watching that at my friend's house on a tiny tv with a built-in VCR while eating generic cheetos on her parents waterbed, because it was 1992.

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By smidge on Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

@solvingaproblemlikemaria Our parents definitely ordered movies from the same family-friendly catalogues.

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By muddgirl on Scientology and Me, Part Two: What Scientologists Actually Believe

@solvingaproblemlikemaria Yeah, I think one thing glossed over in the mention of OT3 is that some OT-level documents are literally 'classified' by the Church of Scientology - they are considered to be physically hazardous for the unprepared and have to be physically secured to prevent their release (although some are on the internet nowadays, of course). It may be sort of like how the Pope has knowledge of some prophesies that are for His Eyes Only.

Again - I don't think this means Scientology is stranger than any other religion. But it's definitely a unique aspect that isn't really seen in a lot of other religions.

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