On Making Little Cakes With Martha Washington

@frigwiggin It is far, far better. Required reading.

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On Making Little Cakes With Martha Washington

I always find it so frustrating to work with baking recipes that call for "a little" or "a handful" of whatever. I do respond well to Coolio's instructions to add "a dime bag" of seasoning in his seminal cookbook Cookin' With Coolio, however.

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

@iceberg No, because you're still measuring yourself against the convention by being unconventional.

It's my firm belief that "unconventionally attractive" just means attractive. No need to qualify. No need to figure that you're hot "for a 40-year-old/for a short woman/for someone who just had a baby/for someone who never brushes her hair/for someone who hasn't had a boyfriend in a year." None of that bullshit. Just good-looking. Period.

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

I understand LW3's feeling - I sometimes feel like I'm inflicting my dumpy (not really...?) body on partners, and I'll admit to thinking people are straight-up stupid for thinking I'm hot. However! This is a direct product of having an eating disorder for 12 years, and I know that it's my nutball brain trying to convince me of something untrue just so we all have something to feel bad about. There is a deep shame that comes from looking in the mirror and not liking anything you see, and then climbing into bed with someone who doesn't see what you see.

LW3, in addition to getting some professional talk therapy, please make some self-care time for yourself and your body, every day if possible, but every week FOR SURE. Get a manicure. Give yourself a facial. Go for a haircut or a massage. Get used to people laying hands on you, taking care of you - get used to doing it yourself - and suddenly your lovers won't seem so out of place.

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On Choose Your Own Catfishing Adventure

Y'all lost me at "vlog." I have no idea what these young turks are talking about.

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On "The Incident in Alabama"

It's my understanding of this article that basically everyone is lying. And she totally meant to shoot her dad. And she might be a little nuts, but she's definitely not insane.

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On Wheating, for a Girl Like You

I cut out all grain, not just wheat, and have actually noticed a dramatic improvement. Gas, acne, bloating, the runs, constipation, excess weight? These have basically disappeared. Also, before I did this, my mom worriedly told me that my skin was grey, so I knew it was time for a change.

I know that this isn't really possible for everyone - unlike most of the commenters, I've never really been a big sandwich or pasta girl - but it has been really effective. I'm not evangelical about it (hello Doritos and maki rolls!), I eat well-balanced meals, plenty of whole foods, and not a lot of processed foods at all, and the change has been awesome.

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On Canned Whisky

My eyes, after that picture on the next post, read this as "people will have cancer with their friends and save the world," and that woke me up in a hurry.

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On Tips on Surviving Your Cancer

This totally ruled. I love your ballsy attitude, the fact that you called bullshit on post-chemo bus rides (what WAS that scene!?), and I loved that you shared this.

My younger sister is a cancer person - victim? survivor? she's still alive and hates all the battle-talk the cancer narrative does, as do most people affected by it. Thanks from both us.

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On Beauty Q&A: Makeup Brushes and the Pains of Being Appropriately Layered

@Twinkle Little Bat Toronto's area code. I'm like Godzilla in this place.

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