By mystique on Closeted Characters, and the Books That Love Them

@JanieS That bothered me at first too, but I realized just because you can read her as gay doesn't mean you can't read her as straight too! I personally believe it was a combination of Suzanne Collins terrible writing and Katniss's PTSD and fear of vulnerability in such a terrible environment and emotionally negligent childhood that made Katniss seem so passionless for both boys. I really got no heat from the scenes Ester describes. Katniss in general was such a repressed character. Also she can be bi as well! Sometimes bi / queer people feel attraction to different genders in different ways and at different times!

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By SarahP on Closeted Characters, and the Books That Love Them

@SarahP ...and that pink wasn't gendered as feminine until later in the 20th century than Gatsby was written?

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By Tragically Ludicrous on The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@rosaline My salary is paid by the NWO! The Dutch one. I always forget what the English translation is, and I've come to say en-vay-oh instead of en-double-u-oh whenever I encounter that acronym.

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By errata stigmata on The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@peasofmind I'm currently inpiz (involuntarily pizzaless) myself.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

Alpha on the streets, beta in the sheets.

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By katiemcgillicuddy on The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@Jaya "if you bang a fatty NONE of her friends will ever touch you because they think fat-cunt is your league and that they are well above you." And then a lengthy discussion about the "fuck ladder".

Gentlemen, I'm starting to see why you can't get laid!

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@mollpants I....don't know if they know that this would mean they would all just be fucking each other's moms.... :D :? D:

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By Jenn@twitter on A Scary Story by Laura van den Berg: "The river freezes. The child is everywhere, all the time."

Oh my God I love Kelly Link so much, I cannot even.

If you haven't read Magic For Beginners you must do so, now--the titular story is free to read online and it's one of the best story collections I've ever read.

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By maxmarvel on When Friends Have Babies

I guess it's true for this writer, but the whole "babies transform you" thing has been covered so much. I miss Nicole's perspective about her baby - "she's pretty great, but the love is not necessarily some next-level shit beyond all other love, and that's okay." (Or at least, that's how I remember it.) That was a fresh take.

The whole transformative nature of motherhood thing really stressed me out while I was pregnant. It seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about was the pregnancy, and although sometimes I wanted to talk about it also, I still had (and have) a tough job that I love, a dissertation in progress, opinions on the news, frivolous hobbies, weird dreams, recently-read books, etc. When people treated the pregnancy like "here you go on this amazing life journey!" when they had never treated any of my other choices like that, it made me feel like all the other stuff that I valued - and still value, 3 months after my daughter was born - didn't count quite as much in their eyes, because this was my REAL job.

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By TheMnemosyne on When Friends Have Babies

When my friends got pregnant (three people expecting four babies in a period spanning two weeks - clearly there was something in the water that year) I maybe selfishly felt as if they were all Doing Something Without Me, at a time where I was getting out of a six-year-long abusive relationship and suffering from major depression. FOMO but with marriage and children, how fucking weird, but also how fucking real and terrible anyways. I came to feel like my friends were moving to a foreign country or maybe another planet entirely.

There was all this talk of stretchmarks and layettes and nursery arrangements, at a time when I was facing the very real prospect of homelessness, it was like we weren't even speaking the same language anymore.

"...and we're not sure if we want to put the crib next to the closet, or closer to the window. And then of course the husband's got to assemble the rocking chair still..."
"...I feel as if I'm actively dying. I may not have a place to live in six weeks. I have begun researching homeless shelters."
"He wants to name it after his grandfather if it's a boy but I said no way are we naming our son Horace..."
"...I have panic attacks in Target. My eyes are permanently red and puffy because I can't stop crying. I throw up a lot."
"Oh, yeah, I did that during my first trimester. You know, I have been SO TRANSFORMED by this experience."
"Yeah. Me too."

Things are better now, and I love those babies (who are now 2 1/2) with a scary fierceness I never expected. They ask to FaceTime with me on the phone - "I talk Auntie Wheea?" and when we are together we laugh and play trains and we draw on sidewalks with chalk. I love their mothers too, and even though I still do not have children of my own I came to learn that the country my friends moved to is not remote, inaccessible outback and it's really just next door.

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