On A Scary Story by Laura van den Berg: "The river freezes. The child is everywhere, all the time."

Kelly Mahfah Link! Monster smart-girl crush on her.

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On When Friends Have Babies

@SmartCookie Oh, they're totally NOT bragging - who brags about stretch marks and morning sickness? - but it feels like they're waving from the Republic of Grown-Ass Adult Women With Their Acts Together, and I'm waving back from my leaky rowboat on the Sea of Failing To Live Up to Self-Imposed Expectations of What Being a Woman Is.

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On When Friends Have Babies

I have two friends who are pregnant, and this post really resonated with me. I'm very aware of that chasm, and I don't know what to ask, and I feel resentful when the conversations steers over to the pregnancy (both the good parts and the bad), because I feel like they're...bragging?...about their impending "leveling-up" as a woman/human and I feel like a petulant swamp monster for even being weird about any of it in the first place.

So, uh, I can relate.

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

Aw, Samwell. Due to my fondness for nice, oversized dudes, I would rank him higher. Also, is it possible to negative rank someone? (Joffrey.)

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@meetapossum Definitely had a sex dream about Gendry last night. Thanks to you, will likely have another one tonight. Unrelated question: is it possible to run that GIF slowwwwwwer?

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On Shop Talk

Sex blogger here! My personal preference is the Lelo Lily, which is rechargeable, comes with five different pulse patterns, and has a warranty, which is awesome. Lelo products are about on par with JimmyJane products in terms of quality and design.

I sometimes use it with a NobEssence dildo, which are amazing. They're wood and then covered in a finish that makes it glass-like, and they're extremely well-designed and usually double-ended. Both the NobEssence and the Lelo were pricy, but they're total sex-toy game-changers.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Oh, thank you guys so much. I had a big cry at the office, and then came home to a lovely, slightly disappointed boyfriend.

Plus I emailed the ring maker and they give 20% off replacements on lost or stolen rings. *Big cry, sniffles, brave smile.*

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On Friday Open Thread

@OwlOfDerision I hate the wait-and-see approach! So many feelings and hyperness goes with it! Is there any reason you're waiting and seeing, other than to test out whether or not he'll call?

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On Friday Open Thread

@OwlOfDerision Oh man, the overthink is the dater's worst luck charm.

You seem into being direct (see: "I like you!"), so maybe you could ask him if he likes you. And point out that he seems a little *shrugs shoulders* about the whole thing. See what he says.

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On Friday Open Thread

I just lost the ring my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. I feel so stupid and horrible - it fell off my hand sometime during lunch, not that I noticed. I love that ring! It was his first time buying a big-ticket item for a girlfriend, and of course, I have to fucking lose it. I am the reason we can't have nice things.

Should I buy a replacement? I already told him about the loss, so I can't sneak it in. Ugh. Bereft.

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