On Introducing the "Girlfriend Zone"

@stonefruit Eurgh, even though I knew I shouldn't I just had to look that up...I'm going to file this new information away in the 'Things I Really Wish I Didn't Know, And Shall Try Unsuccessfully To Never Think About' file in my head, along with all the other depressing and gross stuff the internet has taught me.

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On Name That Book!

@olivebee I ha that recently with a movie that was about people trapped in a cube made of cubes that were all boobie trapped, I explained the whole plot to a friend who is really into movies and he was like 'you've made that up there is no such movie!'. he found it for me later though so I felt vindicated. It is unsurprisingly called The Cube.

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On 'Pinup Roundup

@Tuna Surprise oh oh oh! I want to come but this Friday is Kill Doctor Lucky night in my house! We're dressing up as the characters and everything!

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@Hellcat My hair does that too! I will carefully not touch it as I know that agitates its split personality but when I look in a mirror the top half has decided to pretend it's scared and needs to hug my scalp like a skull cap, while the bottom has gone mad with thirst and whipped itself into a frizz frenzy. I threaten it with a brush and 30 seconds later it is pretending its normal again.

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On Or, Perhaps, Eminent Henryites?

BBC Radio 4 has been doing the radio show of this book for the last few weeks. You guys can listen to radio on the BBC iPlayer in the States if anyone is interested in hearing what the book covers. They did Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch last week

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On Make Your Own Sigil

@RK Fire 'For Yea This Is The Household That Knows How To Keep Fit Well And Waste Time Better'? But in Latin or Greek or Aramaic to make it fancy

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On Make Your Own Sigil

@frigwiggin Pug dogs or little scrappy ones with leads made of string? I feel that having a small ugly dog in the vicinity means that today is already the tomorrow that is better. PUGS!

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On Make Your Own Sigil

@JessicaLovejoy My house crest should be a pile of empty gin bottles atop shield in the shape of a stack of ridiculously expensive university library fines, with fruit flies rampant. "Oh the fruit flies, they too love gin." would be the motto stamped upon a banner made of dirty laundry.

I'm not ready to grow up!

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On How to Live Practically Forever

@staircases If it helps my grandad's family are all really long lived and he's the happiest person I've ever known. He says having a wide range of interests and staying active is key, because a lot of his friends retired and then just died because they had nothing to do. He on the other hand is 89 and keeps a vegetable patch and orchard that produces more than my family can eat, and his father died at 96 because he fell off a ladder repairing a roof.

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On Interview With a Bat

@Is It a Hat? http://www.woodserve.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/hafweg_bats.jpg

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