On "Why Do You Have Black Dolls?"

I had a fairly diverse set of dolls as a child. My mom always wanted me to have a Native American doll (I'm half Native, half Jewish, they make no dolls for that combo), and when I got one it was a big deal. I had several Hispanic looking dolls, but my favorite doll, even after all these years is my Black Cabbage Patch Kid. I wasn't being progressive in choosing her, she just smells good. Now she lives on my bedside table but I still cuddle her occasionally.

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

I'm going as Velma this year. Hipster Velma to be exact. You can get away with glasses by adding "Hipster" onto any costume. Other prefixes work too, have you seen Zombie Slayer Daria?! It's excellent.

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On Ramens of Japan

My favorite ramen blog: http://www.goramen.com/ Seriously, this guy started out reviewing ramen years ago with no idea that he'd end up moving to Japan to become a ramen chef! He's a little behind on updates but it's still super awesome and full of yummy pictures that are enough to make a vegetarian weep.

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On Vegetarian Enchilada Pie

Yes! I do this when I'm feeling too lazy to roll enchiladas. I'm also glad that someone out there also recognizes the deliciousness that is an egg on top of leftover enchilada-anything.

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On Resident Evil: Sex

Video game crushes are fun! Leon is one of my biggest. I even named my Blackberry Leon because I figured, hey, if he can jump out windows and still be sexy my phone might be imbued with the same power. When I got my Playbook I named it Kennedy so they sync and there is magical-geek-ness.

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On "Betrayed" Isn't Totally the Right Word

@miwome I don't mean right now. But in 20 years? Yeah, her daughter might be truly regretful about the whole fuckery and if her mother starts accusing her of being mentally ill (and possibly unjustly taking action about it), which to me is a pretty serious allegation, I'd say it increases the chances of their relationship being unsalvageable.

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On "Betrayed" Isn't Totally the Right Word

That advice seems really dangerous. Suggesting that her daughter is mentally ill? What happens if this lady takes that seriously and acts on it, trying to get her committed (not likely), or confronting her with her "illness" (more likely)? Say goodbye to any chance of a relationship with your daughter. Couldn't the answer just be, "that fucking sucks, but sometimes love/lust happens like that. Get yourself a good friend, a bottle of wine and an address change."?

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On The Big Hair Tutorial

I cannot wrap my head around that powder stuff. It seems insane that it works like that. I asked my sciencey husband and his guess was that it "has a lot of one charge and so the hair repels away from itself like static." I'll take that because the alternative is witchcraft (also acceptable). The ingredients didn't help me, but I suspect it's the enigmatic "SILICA SILYLATE." However it works, it's fascinating.

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On Nine Important Lessons From What Is a WIFE

From "Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs" by Emerson Eggerichs. On what women need to keep in mind about their husbands, the C.H.A.I.R.S principle:
1. Conquest - Am I always behind him and letting him know I support him in his work and endeavors in his field?
2. Hierarchy - Do I let him know I respect and appreciate his desire to protect and provide for me and the family? What have I said recently to communicate this?
3. Authority - Have I gone on record that because he has the primary responsibility for me (even to die for me), I recognize him as having primary authority? Do I let him be the leader? How have I helped in that regard recently?
4. Insight - Do I trust his ability to analyze things and offer solutions and not just depend on my "intuition"?
5. Relationship - Do I spend should-to-shoulder time with him whenever I can? Do I let him know that I am his friend as well as his lover?
6. Sexuality - Do I honor his need for sexual closeness even when I don't feel like it?

My husband had to use all his masculine authority to make me not lay the smack down on the woman who told us this book was amazing.

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On The Story of My Ex and His Cheeseburger

I got really excited when I read that he was a vegetarian at McDonalds, because I thought: "I'm not the only one! Someone else still goes there and orders a Big Mac with no meat! Mmm...sauce and pickles..." But alas...

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