On 'Til Death Do Us Part

Have not seen the movie...yet. But the book. Oh the book. I love the skewer of the perfect victim. It's so how we fetishize women VICTIMS in crime dramas. We hate it when they are more complicated. I read Practice to Deceive by Ann Rule a few months back and she seems absolutely pissed that the lady murderer in the book doesn't conform to evil or good. Rule works so hard to make her EVIL, but it doesn't fit.

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On Nighttime In The Devil's Garden

Ummm. Amazing. I just loved this so much. And the dental hygiene tag is perfect.

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On Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

Welcome!! We are #blessed to have you!

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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

@MissCajlin I haven't seen the third season. That said. Am I wrong to LIKE that she is a shitty mom? I think I like that she tries so hard, but is so bad at it. And I think she realizes that (the second season is less painful with this aspect of the show). I love how deeply and truly flawed she is. I think all too often male detectives are portrayed as shitty fathers, but it's because of their dedication to their work so we forgive them. So, it's interesting to me that this is a hang up for a female character, like your dude friends couldn't look past that. But hello, every TV dad detective is the world's WORST father (except Hotchner...NO YOU HAVE A CRIME SHOW ADDICTION). SO, I get why she makes people uncomfortable, but I think that says more about our expectations of women than the show or the character. Why do women have to be good moms for us to like them? Why do we have to like them? Also, speaking of shitty moms in TV shows. Glenn Close in Damages is perfect.

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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

Question: How do you feel about "The Killing"? Also, have you seen Wire in the Blood? I now have The Fall on my list.

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On It's Been Real, Buds

Feelings are for humans. Feelings are not for the likes of us. Given that.

I can't wait to see where you end up. Thanks for editing me like a boss.

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On It's Been Real, Buds

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Welcome, Haley! I feel like the Canadian invasion is happening and I'm okay with that. Better healthcare, niceness and Mounties for everyone!

I will miss you Jia. I will stalk you like a creepy person on the internet, always.

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On #Ferguson on Day Five

It's pretty horrible that so many people are buying the "BUT THEY ARE RIOTING" line. Bullshit. First of all, if my kid was gunned down, I might riot too. Second of all, the rioting seems overblown by the police to justify this sort of action. I'm grossed out, but I'm also ashamed that I'm grossed out because this happens all the time.

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On Chance the Rapper, "Wonderful Everyday" (Arthur Theme Song Cover)

This is just shit. Like the show. I wonder if this is some sort of meta commentary on the shittiness of PBS kids shows?

Or maybe, like most parents, they were just tipsy and started singing themes from kids shows.

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