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On The Kicked-Over-Bucket List: Things I Want to Do After I Die

I had to be escorted out of the Haunted Mansion, too! It was the stretching room monologue that did it for me. I was a bit younger, but I just went back a year ago and emerged triumphant!

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

I know you said dog, but what about cats? I adopted my cat through Craigslist, from a total stoner who opened the door wearing a Domokun t-shirt, legit had the bust of Beethoven wearing his headphones, and who had his other cats' accounts friend me through Facebook. (Backstory is my cat didn't get along with one of his other cats, and the other cat was sick so he felt guilty adopting that one out. I absolutely believe his story, my cat hates other cats.)

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill

@redheaded&crazie Female here, and I definitely do not rate guys on a number scale. Even the most attractive guy I've dated, I don't know what I'd call him in terms of that scale, because like, he was also funny and smart and junk? And I find guys that are too "attractive" to actually be unattractive. Is that weird?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

@jaimie I read somewhere once (helpful, right?) that most designer shoes have terrible thin leather soles, and basically the first thing you need to do with your $$$ shoes is immediately take them and drop some more $ to get them resoled. And people wonder why I wear Converse every day...

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@wharrgarbl Oh man, I hope not. It didn't sound like One-Digit-Off-From-GEEKitty lead him on with make-outs, just that she really wanted him off her back.

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It's not impossible - I got a wrong number call from a guy who had some chick in a bar give him a "fake" number. He was kind of sad when I told him he dialed the number correctly, and I wasn't Jenna, but then he decided to try to start chatting me up instead... I don't blame her.

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On Sexy Argh!

@FoxyRoxy Agreed. In one way, I hated the book (I only read the first). But, I also COULD NOT stop talking about it. It's like I NEED to talk about how poorly written it was and how ludicrous the characters were and how oddly "kinky" sex is represented. (I'm like, spanking is not all that uncommon, girl! Don't act like this is some big reveal that you want to get your bottom smacked!)

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On Sexy Argh!

@The Lady of Shalott Oh and the "Teeth" thing is mainly that our winsome heroine chews her lip a lot when she's thinking hard (which is almost constantly; not the brightest Crayola in the box if you ask me) and Grey just wants to spank her SO hard when she does it. It's pretty constant for the first half of the book "Stop biting your lip, you know what it does to me!"

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On Sexy Argh!

@The Lady of Shalott Fear not! for I have read yonder smut-novel! I wouldn't say Darfur comes up a LOT, just as an example of some vague (starvation-aid?) charity work that our extraordinarily wealthy, yet darkly mysterious male sexer-upper does. Because, y'know, how can he be such a caring individual, but still harbor such sexy and cruel desires towards our innocent Anastasia?!

I would say that it mentions Darfur more often than in your typical smut (approx count: ~0)

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On Hung Jury, Round One: John and Julie

Julie! I am here for you, girl! I'm not going to start this with "I don't care BUT..." because - I personally think it's so gross. And it would be a dealbreaker for me if this issue was raised and my SO refused to compromise on this issue. To me, it would speak to his unwillingness to compromise in the future. I can't stand the argument that "everyone else does it, they just won't admit it." This is a privately-owned shower, what the general public does in their own showers is their own grody business.

BUT - if I take this stance - does MY fiance pee in the shower we share? I don't know! La-la-la I'm-not-listening la-la-la if this if your opinion, there are some questions you need to know not to ask. What about in my friends showers or in hotels?! LA LA LALALALAA LA I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

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