Once I saw a blimp!

On "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

Jimminy Cricket. This is a powerful thing. I'm totally fascinated by *her* fascination with the brief life of her child. It makes me think about how Western culture prefers to keep death at a distance, whether or not that is what's helpful.

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On Dear Office Hottie

I swear to the good lord above, if not for Office Hottie, all I would own is one interview outfit and then fifty pairs of cathair-encrusted sweatpants. Office Hottie - I learned winged eyeliner for you.

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On Sharing Different Heartbeats: Annie, The Knife, Robyn, Jose Gonzalez, A-Trak + Kanye, Grizzly Bear, Girls Aloud

Holy cow - other people heard of Annie? When I found her (long before Itunes and Youtube were the norm) no one I knew had heard of her. I just quietly listened to Chewing Gum on repeat for a year or two. Was she popular?!

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On Flaubert to Maupassant in an 1878 letter: "You complain about fucking being ‘monotonous’. There’s a simple remedy: cut it out for a bit"

I just want to say that this very day is two days before my 28th birthday. And I'm in a bit of a monotony-hell myself. This article is relevant to my interests.

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On The Kicked-Over-Bucket List: Things I Want to Do After I Die

I had to be escorted out of the Haunted Mansion, too! It was the stretching room monologue that did it for me. I was a bit younger, but I just went back a year ago and emerged triumphant!

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

I know you said dog, but what about cats? I adopted my cat through Craigslist, from a total stoner who opened the door wearing a Domokun t-shirt, legit had the bust of Beethoven wearing his headphones, and who had his other cats' accounts friend me through Facebook. (Backstory is my cat didn't get along with one of his other cats, and the other cat was sick so he felt guilty adopting that one out. I absolutely believe his story, my cat hates other cats.)

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill

@redheaded&crazie Female here, and I definitely do not rate guys on a number scale. Even the most attractive guy I've dated, I don't know what I'd call him in terms of that scale, because like, he was also funny and smart and junk? And I find guys that are too "attractive" to actually be unattractive. Is that weird?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

@jaimie I read somewhere once (helpful, right?) that most designer shoes have terrible thin leather soles, and basically the first thing you need to do with your $$$ shoes is immediately take them and drop some more $ to get them resoled. And people wonder why I wear Converse every day...

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@wharrgarbl Oh man, I hope not. It didn't sound like One-Digit-Off-From-GEEKitty lead him on with make-outs, just that she really wanted him off her back.

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It's not impossible - I got a wrong number call from a guy who had some chick in a bar give him a "fake" number. He was kind of sad when I told him he dialed the number correctly, and I wasn't Jenna, but then he decided to try to start chatting me up instead... I don't blame her.

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