On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

This is when I 'm glad of my forever single ("spinster" yells someone else helpfully) status. I'm an only child and I don't like the idea of leaving my mom alone for the holidays every other year, which sounds like the arrangement most people have. But I also don't like the idea of making someone else not spend the holidays with his family either. It would be hard for me to compromise what is now basically a once-a-year trip to my hometown and at the same time I wouldn't want anyone compromising on that for me either.

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On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

@Heat Signature Ugh! How is it such a "transcendant event" if his mom didn't even bother planning it in advance? I get not wanting to plan things ahead and being a procrastinator, I really do, but as a professional procrastinator myself, I try to make an effort when other people are involved, considering I'm the one who leaves everything for the last minute, not everyone else. Ugh, anyway, I hope you have a great roast with your mom on Saturday.

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On Assumptions

@Bloodrocuted Yeah, I actually like to eat out alone and sometimes I do get a little insecure about people possibly judging me. But I guess this is positive in the sense that now I have the confirmation that it's true, instead of thinking I'm just being paranoid and imagining things.

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On Are You Sure You Know How to Wash Your Face?

@fuck fuck fuck Yes! This is also my strategy of choice. Makeup remover at night (I use Bioderma and it looks like water, so hey, it is almost like washing, right?) and only wash in the shower. I mean, there are enough things to do in the day, I don't need to add "moping/drying the floor every time I wash my face in the sink" to the list.

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On Talking the Talk

My mother gave me talks, many of them. Some of them awkward and most of them with no feedback from me, because as it usually happens, the result of her openness was a contrarian attitude of prudishness about the subject. "Mooooom! Stoop! Ugh!" (A mild case of Alex P. Keaton Syndrome) However, that openness certainly gave me a lot of confidence in making my own choices, at my own pace, and getting my own independent sources on the subject, so to speak. But I would say that making sure "the household" considers sexuality as a normal and healthy part of people, and that morality is another thing altogether that is not defined by it and most of the time not even linked to it, does go a long way in helping you navigate your sexuality as a teenager.

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On The Sexy Zombie Vampire _____ Halloween Makeup Tutorial

@redheadedtwit Oooh, love it! And not only do you get to be ALL BLUE but also wear a cute dress and an awesome hairdo.
It never even occurred to me to cut it with lotion. A friend of mine dressed as a living statue once, and I still shudder when I remember her applying all that white make-up.

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On The Sexy Zombie Vampire _____ Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Jane Marie! You are the person who has convinced me to put on Halloween make-up for once, something I've avoided all my life because I hated how it felt on the skin. The fact that I can do that while drinking red wine as part of the process is just perfect.

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On Happy National United Nations Day

I don't know, Guy Behind Richie's Arms seems to be laughing at them, if you ask me. Or maybe he's pondering about the evil buried deep inside her soul. Or maybe he's just really glad he wore his pink scarf that day.

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On The Halloween-Appropriate Breast Cancer Trial

@The Lady of Shalott OMG! See, I am the kind of person who has, let's call them idiosyncrasies, and I always shake my shoes upside down before putting them on because I am convinced that one of these days I'm gonna put them on and a spider or centipede is going to be inside and then I'll die. Of shock, mostly. Now you've given me proof that these things do happen.
But yes, the roach walking on the leg thing is more awful/disgusting. And the worst part is that I felt traumatized on his behalf. I mean, he basically got over it by calling me at such ungodly hour (not a morning person!) just to tell me, while I felt no other choice than to start my day pouring boric acid on everything.

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On The Halloween-Appropriate Breast Cancer Trial

@The Lady of Shalott AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!! NOOOOOO! DId you kill It? Did you?! Did you scream and jumped and then smashed it while squealing? Because that's exactly what I would have done.
I'm gonna put this anecdote right up there with the time a friend called me at 7:00 a.m. just to let me know that he woke up because his leg itched and when he opened his eyes he saw it was a roach walking on his leg.

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