On Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

@Mike_B I would watch a Parks and Rec spinoff that's just Donna's life FOR SURE.

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On Annotated Rainbow Brite Fan Fiction

Amazing. I used to get a Rainbow Brite tape every time we went to Blockbuster.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

@Tiktaalik "A DVD of Cool Runnings!"

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On The Harsh Mellow Pie

@Brunhilde Amazing

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On Petition to Let Cinderella Wear Flats

It looks like we might be getting rid of the whole "omg her foot is sooooo small" thing, though? I could get into a trade of a higher heel for a less silly foot size.

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On The Stylish Housewife Pie

@quad-lyfe I love them! The more kids the better! I actually especially like the Catholic ones because my family is Catholic, my mom has 9 brothers and sisters, and that's totally what I wanted to do when I was little.

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On Female CEOs Are Almost Always Veterans of Family Crisis

This happened at my work--we got a lady CEO who seemed like a lovely person but we were fucked.

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On A Beautiful Symphony, Just For Me

I am 100% there with you, Jia. I....do not know what to think.

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On Ladies' Night

People have been making weird decisions at work + I just watched Blackfish = last night I had a dream that someone decided everyone was doing a great job at work and bought an orca to swim around in the decorative office park pond that's probably like 4 feet deep

It did not go well.

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On Friday Open Thread

Guuyyyssss I am fostering a pregnant stray cat and the vet says there are 4 kittens. She will give birth within the next couple of weeks.

Anyone have any names they've been dying to give a cat?

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