On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

This is the first year since starting work I've actually had MLK day off! Just to be REAL on the nose about it I'm going to see Selma.

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On "Through rain, snow, sleet, or hail, and the gloom of night"

Someone tell me about holiday tips. I had never heard of them until this year, and when I brought them up at a family dinner over Christmas my Dad told me that government employees aren't allowed to accept more than (some small amount of money; he is a retired federal employee, not with the postal service). How do I do them? I love my mail guy.

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On Open Thread / Weekend Roundup

Oh god I'm so scared of IUDs!

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On How Do You Get Shit Done?

@hungaryforchile I am majorly into your 3rd bullet point--at work, if I have a ton to do I am a champion (but a stressed out, pissed off champion who doesn't leave the house or cook any food), but if I have nothing to do everything takes f o r e v e r.

2015 might be the year I finally try to change things in terms of productivity.

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On Excerpts From the January 2015 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

Don't you talk about punch like that

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On 6 Things to Look For in A Man

It's important to know what year your man is from so you can assess the risk of asbestos and lead paint. Also test the basement for radon.

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On Ocean's Eleven: Ladies Night

This is genius. I particularly love Retta, Whoopi, and McKayla Maroney.

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This only seems like a solution to the problem of a high divorce rate if you think that high divorce rates are primarily caused by people entering into marriage flippantly or saying "NP WE CAN ALWAYS GET A DIVORCE!"

I do not think that is a reasonable thing to assume. I am married and do not ever intend to get divorced (going great so far!) and I assure you that the legal hassle of breaking up would be dwarfed by the emotional, financial, social, etc fallout. It would probably be dwarfed just by the amount of crying I'd do over custody of the cats.

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On Sisters, Ranked

@mcf Yes, the picture!! I have one sister and my husband has two, and they have their various SOs and they are all pretty great.

This is hilarious: Once, I asked my mother why they'd gone through all the trouble to make our names match, expecting something deep and meaningful and heartfelt. "We'd just thought it'd be funny."

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On How to Sing With Dead People: Barry Manilow's My Dream Duets

ALERT: If anyone hasn't seen The Preacher's Wife, it's on Netflix. I just saw it last week!

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