By Brunhilde on The Harsh Mellow Pie

LOL at "th;dr"

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By radicalhw on Dear Shailene Woodley


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By Lisa Frank on Dear Shailene Woodley

What does it mean to "hail men"? Is it like hailing a taxi? If I walk out to the curb, raise my arm and yell "Man!", will a man pull up and give me a piggy-back ride to my house when I'm drunk?

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By Onymous on Friday Open Thread

Got a job. It even approximates being a 'real' job.

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By or Elsa! on Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

"God, please let my behavior always meet the exacting standards of a male blogger who doesn't really understand how to use babble as a noun"



basically, ahahahaha FOREVER

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By j-i-a on Reasons for Dropped Rape Case Include "Wearing Spanx"

@Dr-Daisuke Serizawa@facebook lol why are you commenting on this site

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By flashcrash on Friday Open Thread

I don't know if anyone remembers, but a few weeks ago I wrote about possibly transferring grad programs. Well, update -- I got in to my dream school! I just told the head of my department yesterday that I'm leaving the program. Anyways, just a lil update. This weekend I have many good excuses for celebrating.

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By rathermarvelous on Friday Open Thread

Just realized that this week is Palm Sunday, a Blood Moon, my period, and then Easter. Giving birth to the Antichrist in 5

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By up cubed on Friday Open Thread

@OhMarie My mom named her stray cat Nomigato (not my cat).

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

@j-i-a Hilarious how something that appears so open-minded is actually incredibly closed-minded. Because obviously, not believing that we will all look like that in as little as 40 years is closed-minded.

Personally, I look forward to being sixtyish and suddenly having beautiful hazel or green eyes. Will we all just wake up that way on January 1, 2050 or

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