On Nicola Explains It All

Outside this list's purview, given that it's a comic, but Jenn Manley Lee's Dicebox, about sarcastic itinerant laborers in the distant future, is excellent and gorgeous:


- yeah, I'm going to go ahead and stick it in the comments over there, actually.

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On Meatless Thanksgiving Ideas

My plan is just to make the spinach quiche casserole previously posted here: http://thehairpin.com/2012/03/the-boise-family-spinach-quiche-casserole

I'll probably mix in some egg noodles, though.

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On Jokes

That's my life's story, Matei.

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On The Diary of Opal Whiteley

An excellent review of the diary in question: http://rushthatspeaks.livejournal.com/427513.html

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On Beauty Q&A: The Most Beautiful Bright Lipstick in the Land

@Bibo Designs@twitter As a warning: The oil cleansing method shouldn't really be done with coconut oil, because coconut oil is comedogenic; meaning, it's very likely to clog pores. You can use it as a body moisturizer without too many problems, but you shouldn't put it on your face. (Same with cocoa butter and shea butter.) Olive oil and castor oil are non-comedogenic and fine for face-washing, which is why they're what most OCM guides recommend. Safflower oil is also okay.

You do have to be really careful not to let any water drip into the bottle of oil, I assume because letting it stand in there will result in bacterial growth; regardless of the reason, oil you've gotten water into will make you break out. It's best to either do the whole procedure in front of the sink, or to apply the oil in front of the sink and then get in the shower to rinse it off.

All that said, after about a year and a half of doing this I gave up and switched the Clean-and-Clear oil-free foam cleanser, because it's faster and doesn't screw up the drains or produce piles of oily washcloths. My skin's dryer, but that is a sacrifice which I am presently willing to make.

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On Milk Talk

@NeverOddOrEven I've noticed a correlation between consuming a lot of dairy and breaking out, but it's not a big problem if I'm careful about washing my face and using benzoyl peroxide.

When I was a teenager, I drank two or three glasses of milk a day and had acne bad enough I was given two courses of Accutante - but then, I was a teenager at the time? Too many variables there.

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On Hearing Voices

@Emby I haven't read the entirety of that article yet, so I don't know how much of this is addressed in there, but:

While for some people the voices sound very real, like there's a person in the room with them talking to them, some do just get voices that "sound" like their own thoughts, or like when they're reading to themselves. The difference between this and an inner monologue is that you can't shut it up or control what it's talking about, and it doesn't necessarily make any sense.

@WhiskeySour Some people who get auditory hallucinations do basically just get all their self-critical thoughts shouted at them, but a lot of the time it's just not as coherent as that.

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On The Patient is Non-Compliant

@S. Elizabeth Here's the thing - I don't think anyone's suggesting letting you buy the stuff at the gas station next to the Tylenol, or whatever. The suggestion I've seen is to make it available through a pharmacist - as in, you have to ask at the counter for it, and the pharmacist explains the side effects and what sort of medical history puts you at risk for problems.

I don't see why this would be a big deal, given that this is exactly what pharmacists are trained to do; I mean, advising people on their prescriptions is their job. They're not just there to run the register.

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On Spinach Quiche-Casserole

Made this for the vegetarians in a group of eleven people tonight. The non-vegetarians also got into it, and we ended up with a lot of leftover pizza meant for them.

I used what was evidently too much butter (one whole stick), and ended up very carefully draining a bunch off the top after it had cooled a little.

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On Lady Blogger Clearly Left Out of Research Pool

@beanie I've so far only found local celebrities/politicians that no one cares about; a judge who wanted a lot of guns and hunting stuff (not surprising) and a country singer, whose list I actually can't remember.

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