On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

"She's sweaty, mussed — positively post-coital — and it's the moment Darcy first starts to love her."

If you listen to the commentary of the P&P '95 miniseries the screenwriter has this great line where he talks about this scene and he calls this part when Darcy comes across Lizzie as Darcy gets an erection because of her. I can't watch that scene without thinking of it now because the look that comes across Firth's face is totally "oh shit, boner"

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@Bridget Smith@twitter You like the pillow curls? I got silkening curls or something like that in my birtchbox and it just dried out my ends badly. It's kinda scared me away from miss jessie's products.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?


Ok. Here's what you do. Take it into a Coach store. If you can. And be nice. Be sure nice and appreciative, but firm.

I bought a great Coach wallet at Nordstrom Rack for $50! But after about 3 months of using it, it got a really nasty loose thread that started to open up. Now this is prolly cause I bought it at the Rack. But I took it in to the Coach store at the mall. I complained but was nice and talked about how much I like Coach and how I haven't had that problem with any of my other Coach items. The guy was really nice, they're trained to bend over backwards for you. So he sent it out for repairs, free of charge, and they couldn't repair it. BUT they sent me a credit for $230!! Net profit? $170. So I like that alot.

Also my roommate has one Coach purse that is her only purse. (I know she's nuts) but she has one purse. That purse has been through hell and back. The straps have broken, she's gotten them repaired free of charge. It was thrown up on by a famous hockey player and dry cleaned. The straps have broken again! And she is getting them repaired. I don't know if she paid the $20 fee this last time around, but I doubt it. Anyway. The moral of the story is that the Coach people, in the store, are generally pretty good.

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On We're All Murderers Inside Our Own Heads, or The Time My Boss Wanted to Kill Me

The bottom line is that guy should have been fired. While he seemed to be trying to keep a handle on things at work, he still threatened violent acts against you in a public forum. This is totally unacceptable.

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On Hairpin Meetups Update

@Valley Girl When is this craft pin up? I've been meaning to check out Urban craft Center.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

@parallel-lines this isn't online, but the sale I'm most excited for is Goodwill's in my area. (Los Angeles County's South Bay i.e. Redondo Beach, Torrance, Manhattan Beach) because $2 for all clothing! Woot!

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On Beauty Q&A: Sex Hair, Fur, and the Perfect T-Shirt

About the fur, I picked up a gorgeous pea coat with a sable collar for $20 at the Goodwill, a friend of mine who used to be a furier told me it was real. I love that coat and wear it whenever I want to make an outfit classier. As long as you're not vocal about it being real I think you can get away with it. Example I told my Animal right's sister about it and she almost stole the coat from me to
throw it away. I had to keep an eye on it.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Dear God, there is an online store for the Met's gift shop!! Ugh. I'm glad I just got paid today.

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On Ex-Catholic Schoolgirls, About That Kilt?

It depends on the school. One of the Catholic schools I went to (I went to three) had kilts that needed a kilt pin, but that's 'cause there is a flap! It won't stay closed without the pin. The other schools I went to just had normal skirts.

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