On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@anniemac I retract my statement (about the article not addressing curly hair), as references to curly products have been added. Thanks Jane!

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

I would like to submit that this article does not fully address the styling needs of white curly headed girls (not that we're an oppressed class or anything, I just think it's a different ballgame when you've got curly hair).

I have curly, frizz-prone hair and use curl-specific gel every day, and it does not give my hair a greasy or a crunchy look--it just cuts the frizz and defines my curls. I highly recommend DevaCurl products. Also, naturallycurly.com is a fabulous resource for curly headed ladies of all races and ethnicities.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@OhMarie DevaCurl conditioner and and ArcAnGEL. I swear by it.

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On Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin

@Hammitt Ugh, this is something I've been thinking about lately, as I am actually at the point where an engagement in imminent. It's silly because the bf and I have talked about marriage and I know he's planning to propose soonish, so I'm actually questioning why I am the one waiting around for the proposal...how anti-feminist is that, right? Strangely, the situation is complicated by the fact that my dad passed away when I was young and by my subsequent desire to have him symbolically be a part of this new stage of my life. I've asked the bf that he propose with the ring my dad gave my mom (mom has okayed this), so it will be, in my mind, more of a passing down of a meaningful heirloom than a symbol of patriarchy. At least that's what I tell myself. In terms of my name, I definitely want to hold on to my last name--it's my dad's name, after all--but I haven't decided if I'll hyphenate or not (Southern ladies take their maiden name as their middle name and drop their original middle name, but I'm not dropping my grandmother's name, and I am not Southern anyway, so that's out). Our unofficial, way-ahead-of-schedule plan is for our kids to have my last name as their middle name. We've even said that if we ever have a son, we'll call him by my dad's nickname, which is a shortened form of my last name. In the end, though, I do still feel conflicted about upholding this patriarchal customs. It never stops feeling complicated.

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On I Have That: Snatiation

@iceberg Hmm, are you related to me? My dad's entire side of the family sneezes 3 times as well, and we all have the photic thing.

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On I Have That: Snatiation

Everyone on my dad's side of the family sneezes exactly three times when exposed to bright sunlight.

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On We The Tiny House People: Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters

I'll admit that I only scanned through this video, but it looks like she didn't profile any homes in developing (or non-Western) countries, which seems an odd choice. India, for instance, is pretty much full of people who are masters at living in small, functional spaces. Maybe it's seen as less interesting since, in places like India, nearly everyone lives on this? Or less interesting when impoverished people live in small spaces because they're forced to do so? (Though in India, both impoverished and middle-class folks tend to live in small homes). Genuinely curious about this omission.

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On Jane Demystifies All Beauty Secrets in Five Minutes

Jane, WHO MAKES THAT DRESS? That is totally my cut and my color (redheads love green). I must have it.

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On Timeless Advice From TLC

Weird. I've had this song as a chronic earworm for weeks now. It's like you knew!

Also, a friend and I discovered once on a long car ride that we ROCK at this a cappella. I mean, harmonies and everything. We didn't even plan it. I just busted out with "A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly..." and we were rockin'

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On Lingerers, Admirers, and Silent Girl

I work with a group that educates folks about, among other things, stalking, so here's my two cents for LW2:

A Lady is spot on, but there's ONE MORE THING that you should be doing from a legal standpoint: In case you do eventually decide to involve the police (things can get scary fast with stalking, even when you're dealing with the most "well intentioned" stalker): most states require that you A. make it clear to the person that you don't want them to contact you contact and then B. document each time she contacts you (phone calls, texts, gifts at your doorstep, etc.) after that.

As hard as it will be, I think you need to make it clear that you need some time apart from this chick, document that (email her and save the email?), and then keep a careful list of the time, place, and details any contact she attempts to make. Just like sexual assaults aren't usually committed by creepy strangers lurking in the bushes (most occur with someone the survivor knows), stalking offenders aren't always total weirdos who follow you out to your car from the drug store; most stalking, in fact, is committed by an ex-romantic partner, or a friend or acquaintance. So please, LW2: document, document, document! Just in case. Even if you think "no way am I ever going to have to go to the police with this."

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