On I'd Like to Buy the World a Brand New Disease to Fear

I just started the 3 week doxycycline treatment yesterday (got bit by a tick while camping over the weekend and came home with a crazy looking bullseye rash) and let me tell you, it is THE WORST. I'm not sure if how I'm feeling is Lymes related or antibiotic related, but it's constant, crippling stomach aches and extreme fatigue.

As my doctor was writing the prescription she says, "Oh, and you're going to have extreme sensitivity to the sun. I hope you're not planning any vacations soon" AS I HAVE A TRIP TO LA BOOKED FOR SATURDAY

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On The Best Time I Ate So Many Cookies I Went to the Hospital

@jen325 THAT HAPPENED TO ME ONCE TOO!!! I felt like I was in a video game. Fortunately, it was when I was 16/17 and much more resilient, because if that happened to me now at 27 I would definitely have sent myself to the hospital.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Paul Newman, Decency Manifest

Ever since I understood what a handsome man was, I've thought that Paul Newman was the most handsome man to ever walk the earth. Better than James Dean. He's just perfection.

Also, as a sauce purist who rarely buys pasta sauce except for in the more dire of circumstances (I always make my own), Newman's Own Marinara is TOTALLY BOSS.

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On What It's Like to Eat the World's (Possibly) Hottest Pepper

Oh, poor Marshall! The part at the end with the dogs really got me. "Are these regular dogs?"

Also, he's kind of a babe :O

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On Happy Hour: St. Germain Is the Best

@LaFabuliste YES! I had this at a party once and it was wonderful. Make a pitcher of it & add cucumber, makes it even better.

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On 'Pinup Roundup

see you lovely DC ladies on the 15th! I missed the one at Dodge City and was so mad at myself so I am definitely not going to miss this!

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On 'Pinup Roundup

@Swisschard YAY welcome! what part of the city did you move to??

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On The Best Time I Met Vincent D'Onofrio

@momentisaflower I said I was going to make fondue...WITH CHEDDAR!

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On Always in Vogue, an Excerpt With Commentary

EEEKKKKK I LOVE THIS!! Especiall this line - "Clothes that are too young paradoxically make their wearer look older." It's so true! For some reason it's making me think of Parker Posey in The Big C.

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On Yearbook Poetry


I also got most changed because I went from wearing "normal" clothes to having purple hair and wearing plaid shirts with ties in an effort to be 'ironic' or something - not really sure to this day what my angle was - but it sure makes for a hilarious yearbook picture!

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