On Name the Horrible New Crabs

Whitey Crab

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On Nevermind Turns 20

@NeverOddOrEven I was talking to someone who saw Nirvana in June 1991, the gig with Dinosaur Jr. at Hollywood Palladium, and he told me that when they went into 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' the whole place went "bonkers" (and remember- most people there had never heard this song before). I would agree that this song is "played out", but as far as impact it had at the time it was huge.

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On Jennifer Lopez's "Papi" Video

this video needs more big papi Ortiz

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On The Pros and Cons of Stalking

in the end he says "I don't love you anymore"

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On One Reason Not to Wear Your Wedding Ring While Stripping

it was like this: "here's your tip, here's your finger."

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On Does Your Child Have at Least One Friend Who Might Not Even Like Her That Much?

id give up 10% salary for a friend. id give up my life vest even, the door we're floating on...

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On Ten Questions Yesterday's Homewreck-y Vows Column Raises But Doesn't Answer

12. i looked up this bar on yelp and this place sounds really nice, has a drink called "bitch face", has trivia night and all sorts of funny things happen there like people almost get hit with darts,, but this one is my fav: "One guy brought in two mutts and they had a run of the place. Guys were picking up the dogs and kissing their bellies and it was all very odd. These were pit bulls, mind you."

13. i think there is such a thing as a"soulmates" but they are very hard to find. kind of like love at the first sight, rarely happens but i believe it does.

14. these two sound like proper jerks and will probably be divorced soon. however, kids will be allright because parents seem to be loaded with cash and have good jobs.

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On "Examples of Teen Female Sexualization"

there was something i was just watching last night on IFC- "Flannel Pajamas" it was really good, not a series though. http://www.ifc.com/movies/339987/Flannel-Pajamas

also i watch food network, esp. if i get home around 6:30 i put on Rachael Ray and pretend she's my gf and she's making dinner! (j/k, i made that up, i don't really do that, for real...)

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On Do You Mind That We're Hairy and Better at Sex Than You?

i think that first girl she should have a scene with this guy on Brooklyn Bridge and threaten to jump! seriously though, do u want to live not knowing how this dude really felt, or not expressing your feelings?? why are you hiding them in the first place. are these real people or made up?

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On Age 40 the Cutoff for Acting Like an Idiot

i wish i were ten years younger. although being over 40, i dont think that stop you from acting like an idiot.

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