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On Ask Baba Yaga: All I Want Is So Desperately to Be Good

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On I Just Wanted to Fly Solo: A Night at the Sugar Ray Festival

@justjoined) oh my god. no.

@yeah-elle hi, i'm here for the hate-laughter! (also your commenter pic seems particularly apt right now)

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP I seem to be in the minority here, but August 10-11 is better for me! My mom is visiting on the 28th and she's super duper cool, but I'm not sure clothing swaps are her jam.

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On Fresh Hells

@pinniped hairpin anthology yes!

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On Fresh Hells

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On Friday Open Thread

@Roxanne Rholes Should I go?! I'm actually free for once but I've never been to a 'pin event and I'm nervous. I do love hot dogs though.

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On The AARP Pie

@par_parenthese @rosinator The only time I tolerate "miss" is when a much older Southern man uses it, because then it reminds me of my dad, who is the most respectful human I know.

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On The AARP Pie

@SuperGogo But...what if you're southern and it's culturally inappropriate NOT to call a stranger ma'am? Addressing people as "ma'am" and "sir" was drilled into my head since I was old enough to form complete sentences. I suppose I could use "miss" for younger women, but it feels condescending, especially since there's no equivalent for "sir."

NOTE: I avoid doing this now that I live in Boston. It took a while to get to the point where it wasn't automatic though.

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@melmuu When I moved to Mass from NC last August, I was SO confused by the lack of milkshakes at ice cream places. Until I figured out (three months later...) that that's what "frappes" were.

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@Emby North Carolina and Boston, no definite article. It's just "I-40" or "95."

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