I am a middle-aged underemployed freelance writer and editor living in DC and NYC. Also a lapsed lawyer and policy wonk who bakes a lot, is neurotically organized, and likes Campari.

On Friday Open Thread

I recently lost a beloved, older cat and my other cat has been sad and lonely. Today I think I found the right colleague for her--a sweet and mellow guy who is a "senior," probably about 10 or maybe 12. Am I asking for it if I adopt him?! I have always adopted adult cats, but never one this far along. Yet he does seem like "the one..."

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On The Best Scones

@weltanschauung THANK YOU! Will be experimenting along suggested lines.

Re the shape controversy, I have alwys cut biscuits and scones in neat little squares with a pizza cutter.

Thanks again for the timely posting!

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On The Best Scones

These look great but I am neurotically unclear on what the state of the cream should be. Are we talking soft peaks, or just a little bubbly?!

Also, coconut lime! Did you toast the coconut first? Can I use the big "chips" from Kalustyan's? Lime juice + zest or just one??

Thanks for posting this!

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On Lemon Olive Oil & Lemon Olive Oil Muffins

These sound delicious, thanks for posting!

I really love citrus-flavored baked things and picked up this excellent tip from a Dorie Greenspan recipe: grate the zest of the lemons (or whatever) before juicing them, and rub the zest into the sugar with your fingers until the sugar is "damp" and fragrant with the citrus oil. I also do this when there is no juice involved, for example I use orange zest with the sugar in a chocolate cake.

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

@I Want To Go To There I have fine hair and a pixie cut and it is much, much better--my hair was very limp when it was longer, and now it has a lot of body. Re the nose, I think if you do a deep side part, it will draw attention to your eyes.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Nicole Cliffe My husband and I just re-watched "In the Loop" and he won't stop saying "difficult, difficult, lemon difficult" about everything.

Re Malcom Tucker, I feel you. Profanity sounds so sexy with that accent! As an aside, I used to work for the UK government and I still swear so much that it's frequently embarrassing.

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On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

@WineRanger it was the one time in my life I literally thought I would die.

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On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

Oh, Nicole, norovirus is the worst. Hope you are feeling better soon and have no more unscheduled dismounts!

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On Weird Help

Edith, I just read this this morning on the stairmaster at the gym. A great story! You should try the glasses in public on occasion!

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On Friday Open Thread

@thenotestaken I am trying to be a winter biker but I'm wimpy when it's windy and < 40...would love to see tips from hardier souls

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