On This Video Is Rated Unembeddable For Containing Both John Mayer and Katy Perry

I unabashedly love this song! The video super cheesy but I can't remember the last time a saw a genuine duet of people in love since Beyoncé and Jay-Z. It's really moving in a way that they put themselves out there. I know they don't have great track records but love doesn't have to be forever to be real. I have been with my husband for 21 years (1/2 my life) so I'm not some sappy teenager.

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On If You Ever Go Across the Sea to Ireland

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose in the late '90s I ordered two mixed drinks from a drive thru bar in northern Wyoming just to see if I could. I was flabbergasted that it worked. This was the same time that Montana had no speed limit, so it was generally lawless around there I guess. Assuming things have changed a bit since then

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On Wine Babies

@werewolfbarmitzvah congrats! If you are feeling morning sickness, try eating protein instead of carbs. It works better. Start off the morning taking tiny bites of a protein bar or something easily chewed. Then finish it slowly. It really does a much better job. I promise. It took me three tries to figure it out!

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On The Mulholland Pie

It looks like there may have been other, even weirder non-adding together pies. You can see the indentations. Or is this pad of paper solely devoted to pie charts Ms Friedman?

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On Rubbernecking Across the Pond

@Anna_anna I asked a cabbie today if he knew what the rules were on restricted lanes (as I drive down Park Lane regularly) and he was all, "your guess is as good as mine". There is a general feeling that we gave the milk away for free with this thing. And the crap weather doesnt help, does it? Today was especially bad.

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On Anti-Monopoly Is Real!

@E I had the whale one too! It was called Save the Whales! It was long-ish, but I loved it. If I remember it correctly it was a pretty, well-made game. I think it came from the mail order of some hippy catalog or the health food store in the 80s because that's the only place my mom ever shopped. Hippie Moms!!

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On The Art of Sharpening Pencils

@atipofthehat Or of the point getting dull over time...

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On The Art of Sharpening Pencils

I worry that the pencil sharpening may have contributed to the demise of the marriage. What if the ex-wife couldn't figure out if it was a joke or not and whether it was funny or not? I personally would be completely confounded if someone spent this much time on pencils, joke or not.

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On Fantasies, Expiration Dates, and the Vasectomy

@MEGA VENUTIAN SPACE SCORPION Just wait. After many years (and kids possibly) he becomes your best friend/(worst friend at times). There is no choice. He's always there! And he knows you so well! he can talk you off the ledge. He can also tell you what you are going to do before you do it and he can tell you when you are acting crazy and be your person to lean on. (you can do all of those things for him too). I mean of course he is your best friend. Who else talks to you every single day and knows all of your insides and outsides? He definitely is there for me more than any lady best friend I have ever known.

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On Fantasies, Expiration Dates, and the Vasectomy

@julia I wear the second one he got me (at my request). He wears the third one I got him after he lost the first two (in odd circumstances). My dad never wore one so I wasn't too hung up on it though I do admit it turns me on to see it on his finger even after ten years. I've never told him though. I don't want to spoil the ineffable feeling of 'mine' when I see him play with it on his finger. For this feeling alone, I would say you suggest he wear it but never make it explicit why. It ruins the whole thing if its out in the open.

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