On Where the Girls Were: A 1965 Taxonomy of Coeds

@NormaDesmond YES! Nice map. Now give me all the dirt.

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On Interview with a One-Time "Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow"

Oh, how I love this! I'm now compelled to interview one of my mamas about her participation in the Unicorn Club, mainly because I have my suspicions it was a secret society (it probably wasn't a secret society).

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@fancyschmancy WORD. Congratulations, Jane!

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On Mothers' Day

You guys. My mothers have read every comment and are so touched. Lots of love and wet cheeks over here. Happy Mother's Day, Hairpin!

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On Mothers' Day

@RogueState - Rainbow Families! Amazing. Happy Mothers' Day!

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On Mothers' Day

@SuzzyRoche - I used to volunteer with COLAGE for Family Weekend in Provincetown every summer! Perhaps we have met? COLAGE Family Weekend was the first time I met so many diverse families in one place. Products of donor insemination my age were few and far between. It was always wonderful to meet younger kids and reassure parents that yes, we are just like everyone else. Mixed, messy, many.

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On Mothers' Day

@HeyThatsMyBike - At this point, to my understanding, it's state by state, but I'm sure others are much more educated on this subject. They vacation on Cape Cod every summer and are always excited to "be married again" in Massachusetts. They will most likely renew their vows in Washington for their 30th anniversary next year.

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On Mothers' Day

@srsly - It's basically 2 mom Christmas around here. We had the brunch to beat all brunches today.

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On Mothers' Day

@MalPal - If you knew Elyse you would understand. Just this afternoon she got my boyfriend to completely rearrange our living room post-brunch. Sperm donation was a breeze.

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On Some of Your Favorite Stories From 2011

@josiah - that's EXACTLY why I wrote it, obviously. You're super cool, Josiah.

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